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Your COVID-19 Glossary | NIH MedlinePlus Magazine

Here is a list of health phrases to assist you navigate the hottest COVID-19 investigation and updates.

Efficacy: How well anything, like a vaccine or treatment, will work in a medical demo.

Variant: A virus that has changed from its primary variation. A variant usually has a “oversight” in an amino acid, which is also known as a mutation.

Antibody: A protein our immune units make to fight off germs. Antibodies can remain in our bodies and secure us from long term an infection.

Fundamental condition: A condition that somebody by now has, like diabetes or bronchial asthma, that places them at increased risk for difficulties from a virus or an infection.

Therapeutic agent: A therapy or treatment for a health care condition. A therapeutic agent can assist you experience superior (therapy), fight off a ailment (treatment), or do each (therapy and treatment).

Simple investigation: Science that aids us fully grasp dwelling units and lifestyle processes superior. This know-how potential customers to superior strategies to predict, stop, diagnose, and address ailment. Simple investigation was key to COVID-19 vaccine development.