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Where can I make an application to be a security officer?

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Security Officer Cover Letter

PWA was founded in 2012 to supply the core skills that were needed for anyone looking to participate in the protection profession, whether or not they served in the army. Whether in the armed services or not, candidates who made an effort to persuade were found to be lacking the necessary knowledge and skills, according to Assault Protection Recommendations, Incorporated (ASC) and a cybersecurity company.

A division of Advanced Security Concepts, Inc. is Pacific West University. The ASC Corporation supports the executive protection field operations of Pacific West Institute. You can better your profession by taking Executive Protection Education courses in San Diego and Los Angeles so if you are curious about where can I make an application to be a security officer then here is the guide about security guard license with details in this article. 

The Pacific West Institute’s knowledgeable staff comprises former criminal justice, military, and protection personnel who have combined their years of expertise and learning from diverse security-related fields and countries to develop the most advanced, specialized training programs. The Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training has accredited Pacific West Academy (ACCET). The U.S. Department of Education lists ACCET as a nationally renowned accrediting organization. The Administration of Veterans Affairs (V.A.) California State Accepting Council for Veterans Education has approved Pacific West Institute; the school’s organization code is 25-1902-05.

Where can I apply for a security guard license?

A subsidiary of Advanced Security Concepts, Inc. is Pacific West Institute. Pacific West Institute is powered by the ASC firm for executive protection field operations. You can receive the Executive Security Certification that will advance your career at locations in San Diego and Los Angeles.

The Pacific West Academy was established in 2012 to educate individuals on the fundamentals of practical security and closer insurance. The parent company of PWA, Progressed Security Ideas, Inc. (ASC), has observed that the majority of applicants seeking to work in the security industry who are veterans work in the security field. Lack of fundamental knowledge required to become an expert Based on ASC’s extensive experience in the security field, a 104-hour educational program was developed to provide the expertise and credentials necessary to embark on a rewarding career as a security professional. You can just click here for information on admissions or any other Pacific West Academy information that will be useful to you.

The accomplished faculty of Pacific West Institute is made up of experts in law enforcement, armed organizations, and defense who have joined decades of education and training to provide the most comprehensive, individualized learning courses for children from around the globe. The Certifying Commission for Professional Education and Competencies has approved Pacific West Academy. So the U.S. School system lists Recognize as an independent authority with a strong reputation. The Statewide Board Resolution Committee has granted the VA Pacific West Academy for Veterans Training authorization.

We live in a time of uncertainty and war. Therefore it will make our lives more enjoyable if we have excellent security knowledge for our careers, the good of others, and our self-training. With these skills and training, you can become a hero by saving someone’s life since this Bodyguard education is for you. You can effectively protect yourself against mishaps.

To be free to apply to any organization, it is also crucial for people to get a bodyguard license. The academy’s primary goal is to educate individuals in all subjects and develop them into specialists. They will be able to compete for any executive opportunities by doing this. This company was first established in 2012. Since then, they have examined the applicants’ requirements for the position, and numerous adjustments have been made to match them.

Courses and licenses

12 Days Comprehensive Security Training Program

The term “Comprehensive Security Training” is an acronym. This software is only accessible for 104 hours or 12 days. You get the chance to learn the crucial abilities newcomers, to the security business need to thrive through this program.

The certification process is regularly conducted at Pacific West Institute, allowing the students to finish each phase one at a time. It is so that every learner can accurately and confidently comprehend every step. Their knowledgeable team imparts complete knowledge to their students through in-class lectures and practical activities.

The Comprehensive Security Academy of this program will tremendously benefit everyone who wants to enter the security industry and take advantage of better employment by providing impressive certificates and training in programs solely concerned with security-related concerns.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) has acknowledged its extensive security training programs designed to provide students with high-quality skills and improve their chances of obtaining the best and most satisfying jobs. Additionally, they provide their companies with a worker with all the necessary qualities and abilities.

A Comprehensive Security Training Program Offers a Variety of Programs:

The following list of classes from the Comprehensive Security Training program is detailed:

Guard Card from BASIS:

With the aid of this certification program, students can enter the security industry. It is thought of as the first step for anyone looking to pursue a career in security. This course has finally been completed, sanctioned, and certified by California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). Graduates receive this certification, which permits them to work as security officers and may open up career progression opportunities in the future.

Permit for Exposed Firearms from CA BISI: 

This course is very beneficial for emergency fire situations. This course provides a certificate for an exposed fire permit. It would be best if you had this permit to keep it with you. Even if they have a security license but no exposed firearm authorization, a person is not allowed to carry a pistol, loaded or unloaded. To bring it while performing your tasks, you must have permission.

CA BSIS Baton Permit:

This course aims to disseminate the skills and knowledge required to carry a baton effectively. Teachers at Pacific West Academy direct students with a wand and give extensive instruction. They use a rod to drill their students for better practice.

Detention and management:

 The most essential and exceptional skill required for security and self-defense is the art of “Arrest and Control.” This course covers the full range of conflict management skills, including handling and handcuffing suspects and criminals.


The Comprehensive Security Training Program is most effective when it is fully implemented. With the help of this course, you can learn CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) procedures. American Instructor teaches students throughout the curriculum to help them complete their first aid certification.

39 days Program Of Certified Executive Security Specialist (CESS) Course:

The Certified Executive Security Specialist (CESS) program has received certification from Pacific West Academy. By enrolling in the CESS course, which gives you both classroom and practical training, you can rise in the high-security industries to land a better job.

Executive protection, home protection, technical surveillance countermeasures, and executive driving are a few high-security occupations available. Their primary goal is to provide advantageous careers. Their pupils take part in and put their new abilities to use in a variety of training programs.

Programs Offered by CESS:

 Below is a detailed list of the various courses that CESS programs offer.

A training program for driving emergency vehicles

The teaching strategies used by the instructors for this course include delivering instruction in class and having students apply what they learn practically while operating cars. In addition to other emergency driving techniques, students will also rehearse executive protection and law enforcement scenarios while driving at the maximum possible speed.

Agents biological

This certificate is based on a chemical agent accredited explicitly for oleoresin-capsicum pepper spray. In this program, students will obtain the best training and experience with chemical agents and a thorough guide to carrying a chemical agent.

Who is suited for the Executive Security program?

Everyone involved in the private security sector should enroll in Pacific West Institute’s executive security program. Armed forces members are free to explore their talents. The skills taught will be straightforward and in-depth for the instructors because they are also former military personnel.

Outstanding Facilities

The top-notch facilities of Pacific West Academy are appreciated by students who visit the school to receive bodyguard training. In addition to firing ranges and allowed teaching aids, they have dedicated classrooms where the activity is conducted.

The Licensed Bodyguard Institute

They are authorized to instruct bodyguard methods because they are a security institution. ACCET has employed Cal Professions and BPPE, and CSAAVE is also encouraged. Educate bodyguards in a highly professional manner, following the organization’s requirements.

Costs are flexible: 

At Pacific West Institute, you can choose how much security training will cost. Clients can choose from a variety of topics based on their financial situation. Regarding the cost of this training, there is no need to be concerned. Pacific West Academy offers assistance for a reasonable fee.

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