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What You Need to Know About Birth Control if You’re Transgender or Nonbinary

No make a difference where you are on the gender spectrum — no matter whether you are transgender (trans), nonbinary, genderqueer, or gender nonconforming — you could will need start handle, specially if there is a likelihood you could get expecting and you aren’t attempting to.

Even if you are on gender-affirming hormone therapy — a style of treatment method that aids align your sexual intercourse traits with your gender identification — it won’t perform incredibly properly as start handle. If you have ovaries and a uterus and you have vaginal sexual intercourse with anyone who has testicles and a penis, you could get expecting.

Continue to, there are other good reasons you could acquire start handle (you could listen to it called contraception). For illustration, gender dysphoria — the sensation when your gender doesn’t match the sexual intercourse you were being assigned at start — can get worse if you are nonbinary or a trans man and you start off your period of time. Some start handle selections can reduce or stop your period of time.

All selections for start handle that cisgender people use are accessible for nonbinary and trans people. Continue to, some are greater than other folks, depending on other medications you could be having.


“If it’s for a individual with no other chance factors, any option is accessible,” says Beth Cronin, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Providence, RI. It depends on what your goals are, and what side outcomes you are keen or able to dwell with.

That’s where contraceptive counseling can support.

If you want to stay clear of being pregnant, contraceptive counseling can support match your contraceptive with your family planning values and reproductive goals, says Adam Bonnington, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist in San Francisco.

Who Desires Beginning Handle?

Not all transgender people pick out to transition employing gender-affirming surgical treatment or hormone treatment plans. You should really examine parenting and fertility conclusions with your husband or wife beforehand.

Health professionals advise start handle for most trans gentlemen and gals and nonbinary people who have vaginal sexual intercourse and don’t want to get expecting.

Transmasculine people

If you are a transgender man or nonbinary, you have vaginal sexual intercourse and have not had a hysterectomy or a bilateral oophorectomy (where the doctor eliminates your fallopian tubes and ovaries), you should really use start handle. Testosterone therapy (T) — a treatment method that curbs female traits and provides out masculine kinds — doesn’t reduce being pregnant.


Individuals typically assume that if they don’t have a period of time, they simply cannot get expecting. It is unlikely, but it’s not extremely hard, Cronin says. “We generally counsel patients that if they’re on T and are possessing that style of sexual intercourse, they could get expecting and they should really be employing contraception.”

If you are transmasculine, having testosterone and you want to get expecting, you will have to stop having it.

Transfeminine people

Some transgender gals or nonbinary people get estradiol therapy — a treatment method that provides on adjustments in your body prompted by woman hormones. It can support align your body’s actual physical traits with your gender identification, but it won’t perform as start handle if you are possessing vaginal sexual intercourse. Neither will hormonal therapy, mainly because it doesn’t totally stop the sperm you generate.

Kinds of hormonal therapies that aren’t start handle techniques incorporate:

  • Cyproterone acetate
  • Finasteride
  • Gonadotrophin releasing hormone (GnRH) analogues

If you have not had a vasectomy (when a doctor cuts and seals the tubes that carry sperm) or orchidectomy (when a doctor eliminates your testicles), make sure your husband or wife works by using start handle if you have vaginal sexual intercourse and don’t want to get expecting.

Beginning Handle Kinds and How to Use Them

How you will use the start handle depends on the technique you and your husband or wife pick out.

The style that is appropriate for you could not be appropriate for anyone else.

Matters that can affect your conclusions incorporate:

  • How effortless it is to use
  • How substantially it prices
  • Doable side outcomes
  • Misconceptions you have about it
  • Matters that make it tough to get start handle
  • Discrimination
  • Your relationship with your doctor

Normally converse to your doctor right before adding a little something new to your routine.


Condoms are a well-liked kind of start handle, but they’re not a hundred% productive in preventing being pregnant. If you do use condoms, know there is a likelihood you or your husband or wife could still get expecting. If you use them the appropriate way just about every time, there is a two% likelihood they could fail. The normal failure charge for people who use condoms is all around eighteen%. You can use condoms with start handle to guard you from STDs.



An additional option is nonhormonal copper intrauterine equipment (you could listen to them called Cu-IUDs). These are totally risk-free to use and won’t interact with any hormone treatment plans you could get if you are nonbinary or a trans man. But there could be side outcomes you don’t want, like vaginal recognizing (where there is only a minor bit of blood) and bleeding.

Progestogen-only techniques

If you want to use progestogen-only techniques of start handle — like levonorgestrel intrauterine systems (IUS), implants, injections, or tablets — converse to your doctor about it very first. Some medical practitioners don’t assume it’ll affect the hormone treatment plans you could get if you are trans or nonbinary, but other folks don’t advise it.

Given the lack of knowledge on opportunity risks, side outcomes, and advantages specific to transgender and nonbinary people employing gender-affirming testosterone in mixture with estrogen-containing contraceptives, Bonnington says it’s greatest to stay clear of these merchandise unless there is a clear gain or you have a potent choice.


Injections or IUS could support you stop or reduce bleeding from your vagina.

If you want to stay clear of bleeding, you may possibly want to pick out a technique like the progestin-only implant, intrauterine system, or injection, Bonnington says.

Combined hormonal contraceptives (CHCs)

Transgender gentlemen and nonbinary people on testosterone treatment method shouldn’t use merged hormonal contraceptives (CHC) — patches, tablets, or the vaginal ring — that have estrogen and progestogen. That’s mainly because CHC has estrogen, which can potentially interfere with the testosterone.

If you’ve had major surgical treatment (where a surgeon eliminates breast tissue to make a much more masculine chest), medications with estrogen, like start handle tablets, patches, or the ring, can lead to breast tenderness or soreness. “Some people note some bloating and issues like that, but it’s actually going to rely on the man or woman,” Cronin says.

Extra long term selections

There are also much more long term types of start handle. Either husband or wife can get a vasectomy or tubal ligation (where a surgeon ties, cuts or blocks your fallopian tubes). Both strategies will support reduce conception.

How to Chat to Your Doctor’s Business and Pharmacy

About fifty six% of lesbian, gay, or bisexual men and women and 70% of transgender people say they seasoned discrimination when searching for health treatment, according to a person latest review.

Sometimes the greatest way to obtain LGBTQ-helpful suppliers is via phrase of mouth from family or pals, Cronin says. Regional LGBTQ companies typically have a checklist of suppliers they refer their patients to, Bonnington adds.

Signs the supplier is LGBTQ-helpful incorporate:

  • A clearly posted signal with nondiscrimination guidelines that incorporate gender identification and expression protections
  • A ready space with educational brochures, publications, or posters about transgender health
  • Bogs labeled for all-gender use
  • Ingestion types that talk to for your correct identify, pronouns, gender identification, and sexual intercourse assigned at start
  • Suppliers that have their pronouns on their identify badges

Continue to, he says, these aren’t ensures that a supplier or clinic is LGBTQ-helpful.