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What Do You Need To Make A Home Gym?

Top 5 Tips For Building A Beautiful And Functional Home Gym | My Decorative

Going to the gym is among the vital resolutions of many of us. However, it is not always possible. Maybe laziness has something to do with it, but also our busy schedule. An interesting option is to set up a home gym, a proposal that will require some investment and available space to carry it out. With a home gym, there are no more excuses. 

In gyms we find a large number of machines and elements to do sport to meet the needs and tastes of their customers. Fortunately, this is not necessary at home, so we can customize it by optimizing the space and budget.

Here are some ideas to set up your gym at home; obviously, there is not as much variety as in an ordinary gym, but we have tried to offer diversity in the proposals concerning domestic casuistry.

You can not miss a mat for stretching, yoga, pilates, and abdominal with the mat; we will protect our muscles from the floor’s hardness (and coldness), providing some cushioning. The mats are an indispensable element, affordable, and also take up very little space, as they can be rolled up.

Although it is a simple element, not all mats are the same. For example, if your idea is to use it for yoga or pilates, it is recommended that it is a thin, non-slip mat. If the idea is to do fitness and training in general, better to use a slightly thicker mat with dimensions of 183 x 61cm, 12 millimeters thick. 


They take up a lot of space, but fitness balls or fitballs are other elements to incorporate in our gym due to their versatility. With them, we can perform abdominal exercises, strengthen the core, general muscle development or strengthen the buttocks.

They are available in various sizes ranging from 55 centimeters in diameter to 85 centimeters. What does choosing one diameter or another depend on? Our height: the taller we are, the larger the fitness ball should be.


A more compact alternative to the fitball is the Bosu Balance Trainer or Bosu Conditioning, which consists of a half ball with a hard base that allows it to be used on both sides.

This element is used to work on postural control, cardiovascular work, and balance work. It is used for cardiovascular training, bodybuilding exercises, pilates, CrossFit, and injury recovery. 

Bulgarian Bag

A beneficial element to gain speed, resistance, and muscular power in fitness exercises is the Bulgarian bag. We can hold a bag in our hands to perform squats and deadlifts, push press, press, rowing, curl, pullover.

Sliders Or Sliding Discs

Sliders or sliding discs are not seen in gyms, but we have decided to include them in our home gym because they are an affordable element that allows us to work on coordination and balance.

They are as simple as a pair of discs with a sliding side and a non-sliding side. We will rest our hands on the less slippery surface to do exercises like these or other activities like yoga or pilates. 

Skipping Rope

Who would tell us during our tender childhood that jumping rope was one of the most practiced high-intensity sports in gyms? Jumping is a complete cardio exercise, which is used in CrossFit, martial arts, and boxing classes.

Besides, the ropes are a simple and small element to be used in a home gym with enough space to avoid hitting the ceiling, lamps, and other furniture.

A good skipping rope has to be made of coated steel cable so that it is strong and light at the same time, comfortable to hold, and adjustable.