December 7, 2022

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What Do You Need to Know About Per Diem Nursing Jobs

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Per diem refers not to the specialty care that nurses give, but to how the nurse is hired: literally on a day to day basis. In other words, a per diem nurse is not a regularly employed nurse, working for only one division in a hospital, but someone who works on a variety of units and sometimes in a variety of hospitals and other facilities.

There are also flexible per diem nursing jobs in Arkansas that work for one hospital and are assigned to a unit depending on the patient census and the patient’s needs in different departments. Other per diem nurses work for per diem nursing agencies, which provide nurses for various facilities. These nurses might work two days at one hospital, and then three nights at another facility, all in one week.

Why do Hospitals Use Per Diem Nurses?

Hospitals require a lot of people to get their job done. Hospitals often use per diem nurses to cover staffing needs, since those needs may vary from week to week. For example, suppose an area had a flu epidemic. In that case, a hospital might have a more extensive patient census than average, but since the epidemic would usually subside in a few weeks, using per diem nurses lets the hospital cover the epidemic without hiring staff permanently for a temporary need. Having a group of good per diem nurses allows a hospital to keep their costs down by using those nurses only when needed.

Why Nurses Choose Per Diem Nursing?

Per diem, nursing can be challenging since these nurses are often working in units and with the staff they don’t know well. But there are a lot of good reasons for choosing this challenging and exciting field. These are some of those reasons.

1. Like I said before, per diem nursing is exciting and challenging! If you’re the type of nurse, who gets bored easily or likes the challenge of adapting quickly to a new environment, per diem nursing gives you that chance.

2. New to an area? Not sure which hospital you’d like to work at? Per diem nursing lets you get to know a variety of places before you commit to full-time employment.

3. If you have scheduling challenges because of family or school or other issues, per diem nursing can help you work around those. Let’s say you have a young child, and you and your wife are trying to be there with your child as much as possible. A per diem schedule lets you have more say over when you’ll be working. For example, you might tell the scheduling coordinator, “I can do this weekend on days, and next Tuesday and Wednesday nights.


To be a per diem nurse, you’ll need to graduate from a nursing program and have an unrestricted nursing license. You’ll also need education and experience that qualifies you for the areas you’ll be working in a facility. For example, if you’ll be working in a surgical intensive care unit (SICU), you’ll need to have experience and expertise in that environment already.

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