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Vitamin K – Consumer

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This is a reader-helpful overview of Vitamin K. For much more details, see our wellness experienced actuality sheet on Vitamin K.

What is vitamin K and what does it do?

Vitamin K is a nutrient that the system demands to continue to be healthful. It is significant for blood clotting and healthful bones and also has other functions in the system. If you are getting a blood thinner these kinds of as warfarin (Coumadin®), it’s quite significant to get about the very same amount of money of vitamin K each individual day.

How much vitamin K do I have to have?

The amount of money of vitamin K you have to have depends on your age and sexual intercourse. Normal day by day suggested quantities are mentioned underneath in micrograms (mcg).

Existence Stage Advisable Amount of money
Start to 6 months two. mcg
7–12 months two.five mcg
1–3 yrs thirty mcg
4–8 yrs fifty five mcg
9–13 yrs sixty mcg
14–18 yrs seventy five mcg
Adult adult males 19 yrs and more mature one hundred twenty mcg
Adult ladies 19 yrs and more mature 90 mcg
Expecting or breastfeeding teenagers seventy five mcg
Expecting or breastfeeding ladies 90 mcg


What foods provide vitamin K?

Vitamin K is identified naturally in quite a few foods. You can get suggested quantities of vitamin K by having a wide variety of foods, which includes the pursuing:

  • Inexperienced leafy veggies, these kinds of as spinach, kale, broccoli, and lettuce
  • Vegetable oils
  • Some fruits, these kinds of as blueberries and figs
  • Meat, cheese, eggs, and soybeans

You can discover backlinks to much more meals resources of vitamin K in the final portion of this actuality sheet, Exactly where can I discover out much more about Vitamin K?

What sorts of vitamin K nutritional supplements are out there?

Vitamin K is identified in multivitamin/multimineral supplements. Vitamin K is also out there in supplements of vitamin K on your own or of vitamin K with a number of other vitamins and minerals these kinds of as calcium, magnesium, and/or vitamin D. Frequent forms of vitamin K in nutritional supplements are phylloquinone and phytonadione (also named vitamin K1), menaquinone-four, and menaquinone-7 (also named vitamin K2).

Am I finding ample vitamin K?

Vitamin K deficiency is quite rare. Most men and women in the United States get ample vitamin K from the foods they consume. Also, germs in the colon make some vitamin K that the system can absorb. Having said that, sure groups of men and women may perhaps have difficulty finding ample vitamin K:

  • Newborns who do not acquire an injection of vitamin K at beginning
  • People today with problems (these kinds of as cystic fibrosis, celiac disorder, ulcerative colitis, and quick bowel syndrome) that reduce the amount of money of vitamin K their system absorbs
  • People today who have experienced bariatric (bodyweight loss) surgery

What comes about if I will not get ample vitamin K?

Significant vitamin K deficiency can bring about bruising and bleeding challenges simply because the blood will take more time to clot. Vitamin K deficiency could possibly minimize bone power and enhance the chance of finding osteoporosis simply because the system demands vitamin K for healthful bones.

What are some consequences of vitamin K on wellness?

Scientists are learning vitamin K to have an understanding of how it affects our wellness. In this article are some examples of what this study has shown.


Vitamin K is significant for healthful bones. Some study reveals that men and women who consume much more vitamin K-abundant foods have more robust bones and are much less very likely to split a hip than individuals who consume much less of these foods. A number of experiments have identified that getting vitamin K supplements enhances bone power and the prospects of breaking a bone, but other experiments have not. Much more study is required to greater have an understanding of if vitamin K supplements can help increase bone wellness and minimize osteoporosis chance.

Coronary heart disorder

Scientists are learning irrespective of whether lower blood amounts of vitamin K enhance the chance of coronary heart disorder, most likely by generating blood vessels that feed the heart stiffer and narrower. Much more study is required to have an understanding of irrespective of whether vitamin K supplements could possibly help avoid heart disorder.

Can vitamin K be hazardous?

Vitamin K has not been shown to bring about any damage. Having said that, it can interact with some medications, particularly warfarin (Coumadin®)—see the information underneath.

Does vitamin K interact with medications or other nutritional supplements?

Yes, some medications may perhaps interact with vitamin K. In this article are a number of examples:

Warfarin (Coumadin®)

Vitamin K can have a really serious conversation with the blood thinner warfarin (Coumadin®). If you take warfarin, make sure that the amount of money of vitamin K you consume from meals and supplements is about the very same just about every day. A unexpected alter in the amount of money of vitamin K you get can bring about hazardous bleeding (if you consume much less) or blood clots (if you consume much more).


Antibiotics can ruin the excellent germs in your gut. Some of these germs make vitamin K. Applying antibiotics for much more than a number of weeks may perhaps minimize the amount of money of vitamin K produced in your gut and hence, the amount of money out there for your system to use.

Bile acid sequestrants

Some men and women take bile acid sequestrants (these kinds of as cholestyramine [Questran®] and colestipol [Colestid®]) to lessen blood cholesterol amounts. These medications can minimize the amount of money of vitamin K your system absorbs, in particular if you take them for quite a few yrs.


Orlistat (Alli® and Xenical®) is a bodyweight-loss drug. It cuts down the amount of money of fat your system absorbs and can reduce the absorption of vitamin K.

Convey to your health care provider, pharmacist, and other healthcare suppliers about any nutritional supplements and prescription or more than-the-counter medications you take. They can explain to you if the nutritional supplements could possibly interact with your medications or if the medications could possibly interfere with how your system absorbs, makes use of, or breaks down vitamins and minerals these kinds of as vitamin K.

Vitamin K and healthful having

People today really should get most of their vitamins and minerals from meals and beverages, in accordance to the federal government’s Nutritional Rules for Americans. Food items contain natural vitamins, minerals, nutritional fiber, and other factors that profit wellness. In some cases, fortified foods and nutritional supplements are useful when it is not probable to meet up with demands for just one or much more vitamins and minerals (e.g., during unique existence levels these kinds of as pregnancy). For much more information about setting up a healthful nutritional pattern, see the Nutritional Rules for Americansexternal link disclaimer and the U.S. Division of Agriculture’s MyPlate.external link disclaimer

Exactly where can I discover out much more about Vitamin K?

  • For basic information on vitamin K:
  • For much more information on meals resources of vitamin K:
    • Office of Nutritional Dietary supplements Overall health Skilled Truth Sheet on Vitamin K
    • U.S. Division of Agriculture’s (USDA) FoodData Centralexternal link disclaimer
    • USDA Nutrient Lists for vitamin K as either:
      • Phylloquinone, the form of vitamin K identified in inexperienced leafy veggies, mentioned by meals or by content material, or
      • Menaquinone, a form of vitamin K identified in fermented foods and foods that occur from animals, mentioned by meals or by content material
  • For much more assistance on choosing nutritional supplements:
  • For information about setting up a healthful nutritional pattern:


This actuality sheet by the Office of Nutritional Dietary supplements (ODS) provides information that really should not take the location of health-related assistance. We encourage you to discuss to your healthcare suppliers (health care provider, registered dietitian, pharmacist, and so forth.) about your fascination in, questions about, or use of nutritional supplements and what may perhaps be most effective for your total wellness. Any mention in this publication of a unique solution or assistance, or recommendation from an business or experienced modern society, does not symbolize an endorsement by ODS of that solution, assistance, or skilled assistance.

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