Vitamin B-12 (cobalamin) plays an crucial role in pink blood cell development, cell metabolism, nerve purpose and the output of DNA, the molecules inside of cells that have genetic data.

Foods sources of vitamin B-12 incorporate poultry, meat, fish and dairy products. Vitamin B-12 is also extra to some foodstuff, these as fortified breakfast cereals, and is offered as an oral supplement. Vitamin B-12 injections or nasal spray could possibly be approved to handle vitamin B-12 deficiency.

Since your physique is capable of storing various years’ value of vitamin B-12, deficiency is exceptional. Nonetheless, if you follow a vegetarian or vegan eating plan, you could possibly be susceptible to deficiency for the reason that plant foodstuff do not contain vitamin B-12. More mature grown ups and men and women with digestive tract ailments that have an affect on absorption of vitamins also are susceptible to vitamin B-12 deficiency.

Remaining untreated, a vitamin B-12 deficiency can direct to anemia, tiredness, muscle weakness, intestinal complications, nerve damage and temper disturbances.

The advised everyday amount of money of vitamin B-12 for grown ups is 2.4 micrograms.


Investigate on the use of vitamin B-12 for precise routines and ailments displays:

  • Heart and blood vessel condition. Researchers had previously thought that vitamin B-12, when combined with folic acid (vitamin B-9) and vitamin B-six, could possibly avoid disorders of the coronary heart and blood vessels by reducing the amounts of an amino acid in the blood (homocysteine). Nonetheless, scientific studies clearly show that the mix of these natural vitamins doesn’t seem to minimize the possibility or severity of cardiovascular condition and stroke.
  • Dementia. Vitamin B-12 deficiency is affiliated with dementia and low cognitive purpose, but it can be not crystal clear no matter whether vitamin B-12 health supplements could possibly aid avoid or handle dementia.
  • Athletic overall performance. Except you have a vitamin B-12 deficiency, there’s no evidence that vitamin B-12 health supplements will increase your electrical power or make you a far better athlete.

Our take

Green light: Generally safe

Commonly safe

Most men and women get enough vitamin B-12 from a well balanced eating plan. Nonetheless, more mature grown ups, vegetarians, vegans and men and women who have ailments that have an affect on their ability to take in vitamin B-12 from foodstuff could possibly reward from the use of oral health supplements.

Vitamin B-12 health supplements also are advised for girls who are pregnant or breastfeeding exclusively and follow vegetarian or vegan diet programs.

Security and side results

When taken at appropriate doses, vitamin B-12 health supplements are frequently considered safe. Whilst the advised everyday amount of money of vitamin B-12 for grown ups is 2.4 micrograms, increased doses have been found to be safe. Your physique absorbs only as much as it wants, and any surplus passes by your urine.

Significant doses of vitamin B-12, these as individuals utilized to handle a deficiency, could possibly induce:

  • Headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Tiredness or weakness
  • Tingling feeling in arms and toes


Attainable interactions incorporate:

  • Aminosalicylic acid (Paser). Getting this drug utilized to handle digestive complications could possibly minimize your body’s ability to take in vitamin B-12.
  • Colchicine (Colcrys, Mitigare, Gloperba). Getting this anti-inflammatory drug utilized to avoid and handle gout assaults could possibly decrease your body’s ability to take in vitamin B-12.
  • Metformin (Glumetza, Fortamet, other individuals). Getting this diabetic issues drug could possibly minimize your body’s ability to take in vitamin B-12.
  • Proton pump inhibitors. Getting omeprazole (Prilosec), lansoprazole (Prevacid) or other abdomen acid-reducing medicine could possibly decrease your body’s ability to take in vitamin B-12.
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) health supplements. Getting vitamin B-12 with vitamin C could possibly minimize the offered amount of money of vitamin B-12 in your physique. To avoid this interaction, take vitamin C two or extra hrs following getting a vitamin B-12 supplement.

Your health practitioner could possibly suggest switching medicine or timing doses to offset any potential interactions.