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Video: How to use a single-dose dry powder inhaler

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Here are typical directions for employing a single-dose dry powder inhaler.

To start out, clear away the inhaler include. Then keep the foundation of the inhaler firmly and twist the mouthpiece to open. Drive the buttons on just about every aspect of the foundation to take a look at the tiny spikes within the capsule chamber. These spikes puncture the capsule of treatment.

Clear away the capsule from its foil container and place it in the capsule chamber at the foundation of the inhaler. Do not place the capsule in the mouthpiece. Twist the mouthpiece back again to a closed posture.

With the inhaler upright and vertical, press the spike buttons after. You should really hear a click on that is the capsule remaining pierced.

Release the buttons and get ready to inhale. Do not shake the inhaler.

Provide the inhaler to your lips in a horizontal posture. The blue spike buttons should really be on the left and appropriate of the inhaler, not top and bottom.

Set your lips over the mouthpiece and breathe in deeply and immediately. As you inhale, you will experience a sweet style and hear the capsule spinning in the chamber.

Immediately after inhaling, keep your breath for up to ten seconds.

Open the inhaler to check out for leftover powder. If some stays, near the chamber and inhale all over again.

Immediately after use, clear away the vacant capsule and toss it absent. Then near the inhaler and replace the mouthpiece include.

Your inhaler could occur with marginally various directions. Ask your medical doctor for a demonstration.

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