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Vaccines Protect Your Child against Hib Disease

Vaccines can protect against sickness brought on by Hib, but not the other varieties (“strains”) of H. influenzae microbes. The best way to protect against Hib sickness is to get vaccinated.

CDC Endorses Hib Vaccines for All Younger Young children and Specific Other Persons

CDC recommends Hib vaccination for all kids young than 5 years old. Young children need numerous (three or 4) shots of a Hib vaccine. CDC recommends shots at the following ages:

  • 2 months
  • 4 months
  • six months (if necessary is dependent on manufacturer)
  • twelve through fifteen months

Phone your child’s doctor if you have thoughts and to make positive your little one gained all recommended doses.

More mature kids and adults commonly do not need a Hib vaccine. Nevertheless, CDC recommends Hib vaccination for persons with particular healthcare circumstances. Chat with your or your child’s doctor if you have thoughts about Hib vaccines.

A woman holds her young baby.

All kids need to get the whole collection of Hib shots as babies and need a person booster shot when they are twelve through fifteen months old.

Hib Vaccines Are Protected

Most kids who get a Hib vaccine do not have any troubles with it. Nevertheless, facet outcomes can come about. Most are gentle, which means they do not have an effect on daily activities, and get much better on their possess in a few times. Gentle facet outcomes can contain fever or redness, heat, or inflammation wherever the doctor gave the shot. See the Hib vaccine info statement to study much more.

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