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Toddlers and Breastfeeding –

My toddler would like to breastfeed only when he’s upset or exhausted. Is it balanced to go on breastfeeding if nursing has turned into a comfort ritual a lot more than anything at all else?

Your toddler could turn to nursing for comfort and reassurance, but he is certainly nevertheless benefiting from the dietary and immunologic benefits. In any circumstance, psychological assistance is a perfectly legitimate aspect of breastfeeding.

Looking for out a reassuring nursing session when he’s upset and bouncing again as quickly as he finishes builds your child’s confidence and feelings of safety and effectively-staying. Undoubtedly there is no proof that extended breastfeeding helps make a boy or girl a lot more dependent or harms him in any way.

On the opposite, several dad and mom proudly inform how impartial, balanced, and extremely bright their extensive-expression breastfed children turn out to be. As extensive as you are comfortable breastfeeding your toddler, there is no explanation to halt.

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