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Tips on How to Get A Perfectly Straight Handstand

How to Do The Perfect Handstand

Unless a person has been a good gymnast most of their life and has always been pretty comfortable being feet up, the first time they try the pose as an adult can be very scary, to say at the very least. It is a miracle if they even get in that position, let alone find out they have the strength to hold themselves in that kind of posture for at least a couple of seconds. 

And if they did do it for the first time, they are pretty awesome. Seriously, they should be pretty proud of themselves. But just like anything else, as they get better, they are going to want to up their game. There are good reasons people flop around and fall every time they try this kind of pose because their form is probably lacking. If you want to master this position, get the form right, and you will be amazed at how quickly the posture starts to improve. Here are some tips, individuals can apply to their training for a more solid and better handstand.

Squeeze the butt

When going into this kind of pose, people need to be squeezing their butts each time, starting to kick-ups. As a matter of fact, they need to really try and activate their Gluteus Maximus or butt muscles before they make the kicking motion. Squeeze as hard as they can when kicking up and keep the squeezing motion as they remain in the handstand pose. 

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This is true whether they are practicing with or without the wall. Squeezing the butt muscle while in the handstand position is considered one of the toughest things people do when doing a proper form – and it took most people a while to know and implement this idea. 

It is hard to focus on things like squeezing the butt muscle when you are in an upside-down position and trying to keep yourself from falling. Once the person finally got the hang of it, the form will improve, and it will become a lot easier for them to do a freestanding headstand. And once they are doing it, it will be like normal standing for them.

Keep the abs tight

Like squeezing the butt, the individual really wants to keep their abs tight when doing this position. The ideal pose is the hollow body one, with the person’s back flat and their abs tight. It will help people keep their upright posture and stay in perfect form instead of arching their back, which can cause the person to fall and looks sloppy. 

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Push through the shoulders

As soon as the person tuck, kick-up, pike-up, or straddle into a handstand, they need to push through their shoulders immediately. If they are not sure what it means, the basic idea is to think about pushing the arms away from the floor and lengthen the body as much as you can. It will keep the person from collapsing into their shoulders, which can be considered as one of the main reasons for falling when doing this kind of posture. 

Pushing through the shoulders feels a little bit weird at first. Experts recommend that people trying this kind of pose against the wall at first, before trying the handstand, since they are much guaranteed to fall if they do it without the wall behind their backs.

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Make sure to position the arms near the ears

When going for a kick-up during the handstand, the first thing people need to do aside from squeezing their butts is to lock their arms closer to their ears. They need to stay in that position as they go into handstands, providing a nice, solid, and straight line from the ground to the toes. 

A lot of individuals have a hard time keeping the upper limbs straight in this kind of pose, and it is a way to make sure that their arms are pretty solid as possible. If the handstand feels pretty weird, individuals can practice – they can walk around with their arms straight and make sure it is close to their ears for a couple of minutes, and they will most likely get the hang of it when doing the actual handstand.

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Keep the legs tight

Although there are various types of handstands, most people usually focus on the straightest, tightest possible position for the best form. To attain this, they will need to not only concentrate on their upper body but also focus on the lower body. A lot of individuals let their legs flop when doing this position, which is unnecessary and sloppy. Instead, what people want to do is keep their legs as close and as narrow as possible. As a matter of fact, the feet need to be so tight that they cannot do it if someone pulls them apart.

Point the toes

When the legs are close together and tight, the person doing a perfect handstand does not want their feet to flop around – that is why in true gymnastic form, they need to aim to point their toes when doing it. It will ensure, to activate the right muscles in the legs, making sure that they are indeed pretty tight, and provide the straightest and longest line possible. 

Always look behind

As most people do, they tend to look down at their hands when doing this kind of pose. After all, it feels mentally and pretty natural like it will help them from falling. But like a good gymnast, people need to break this habit since it is not a good form. Looking on the ground can throw off the balance and break the straight and nice line you created using the rest of your body. 

Instead of looking at the hands, individuals need actually to aim their sights down and behind them. Aiming your sights behind instead of the hands will make sure the head remains at the right position and maintain a straight and tight line that people doing a handstand are aiming for. If it helps, individuals can put objects behind them and try to look at them while they are able to know the position of their head should be in.