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These 10 Reasons Are Causing You to Relapse Over And Over Again

Agreeing to addiction treatment speaks volumes about the person’s courage seeing as there are not many addicts who willingly want to check-in in a rehab. However, once that is done, the next stage arrives which is much harder than getting addiction treatment. And that is trying to stay sober and that’s also for the rest of their life. Fighting addiction is unlike any other disease as it requires having utmost restraint and a strong will to refrain from ever falling into addiction.

That can be hard for many people and due to multiple reasons. Several reasons play behind a person relapsing right after getting being treated by a sublocade treatment doctor. Take a look below to find out which are those…

The fear of missing out or FOMO

The fear of missing out is real and most commonly experienced by young adults or teenagers. As at this age bar people are seen to be indulging in parties a little e too much. They fear that if they don’t take part in every happening party, they are missing out on life, and that fear evidently far too great than being addicted. If the person has a social circle that only consist of party-goers and similar characteristic than this fear will not go away on its own no matter how many times you invest in sublocade cost.

You live in denial

Now that you are out in the open and have received full recovery withsublocade dosing, you have a sense of achievement and control within. In some cases, that sense is what urges people to be in control and stay sober but for some people, it only fuels their denial. They start to believe that now they can drink or take drugs moderately. Of course, having a drink or two won’t immediately cause you to relapse but that exactly what happens for people who start to drink soon after their discharge from the rehab.

Unrealistic expectation or sobriety goals

Having sobriety goals great and healthy even but too has its downside. When you are setting goals that are too farfetched, you are actually setting yourself to fail. And this failure will cause you to relapse as you start to get upset and to mend that upset you again start to seek the comfort of drugs. That is the pattern of how a person relapse even though getting proper treatment from sublocade doctors near me. Our suggestion would be to set a realistic and minimalistic goal that is easy to achieve as it will not only prevent relapse but also provide make you confident.

You haven’t been truthful

The reason why you or a loved one keeps relapsing might be due to an underlying cause. You must know that not only sublocade doctors but therapists also play a vital role in treating addiction patients. Treating the patient with the medication might not be as hard as the therapeutic sessions as it requires active participation from the patient as well. And if in those sessions, the patient hasn’t been fully open about their mental state and problem then the therapist cannot do anything to solve that issue. And in the future that untreated, underlying issue will be the reason for you to relapse.

Dealing with negativity

Even after you have received full recovery at sublocade near me, and are willing to stay sober but still relapsing, the reason might be around you. And that is the constant negativity you have to put up with. You are either living with people who don’t do anything to support you in your misery but instead constantly criticizing you or people around you are keeping them from you. Such actions and negative behavior are profoundly bad for a recovering addict.

In order to get better, you need to figure out if the above reasons are causing you to relapse and actively work for reducing these triggers.