Graphic with two photos featuring the same man wearing a packaged food costume, with the old nutrition facts label and the word


You are in all probability mindful of the Nourishment Information label on foods—it’s been around for far more than 20 decades. What you might not know is that the label has experienced a makeover—with advancements that can assist you make healthful alternatives about the meals you and your relatives take in. 

Together with the case in point higher than, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (Fda) is launching a lively new education and learning campaign to introduce you to individuals improvements—and how you can use them.

Lookin’ Good

Starting off nowadays and for the upcoming yr, you’ll see the marketing campaign in action in a quantity of spots and in a quantity of methods. Appear for colourful commercials on your grocery keep shopping carts in eight locations across the United States, as nicely as on Facebook, Instagram and Pandora.

Also verify out the snazzy videos on YouTube and on food and drug

Audience Favorites

The redesigned label has a quantity of new features for buyers like updated serving dimensions to superior match how significantly individuals take in and larger font dimension for energy. Also, new vitamins are detailed, like Vitamin D, potassium and added sugars. FDA’s education and learning marketing campaign aims to reach the common inhabitants and specific sub-populations at amplified danger of nourishment-similar chronic sickness.

What’s in it for you? Just take a look at the new, enhanced label and find out!