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The Easy Way to Buy (and Sell) a Used Mountain Bike

I love supplying bicycle suggestions. I technically do it for a dwelling, but only in...

I love supplying bicycle suggestions. I technically do it for a dwelling, but only in a remote, combination sense. I utilized to do it 1-on-1 back again in my store days, and I kinda miss out on it. Now, I discover myself baiting innocent strangers into conversations about issues like transportation and work out in the hopes that they’ll exhibit some form of curiosity about bikes. That is when I slip into my very well-practiced and frankly extremely productive previous position as a bicycle salesman. Inside 10 minutes, I’ve ideally gotten another person stoked about what their subsequent bicycle could and need to be. But it usually takes a minor more time if the topic of utilized bikes comes up.

“I don’t wanna go mad,” they explain to me. “A bicycle from a several yrs ago would be just fantastic.” Nonsense. Is reading through a newspaper from a several yrs ago just fantastic? There is a motive they continue to keep printing new ones. Points adjust. If you invest in a bicycle from 2014, there are attributes it will not have that today’s bikes will. A vast-variety cassette or a seat tube angle steeper than 73 levels, for example. As soon as you find out what you are missing, you are going to miss out on it.

But it feels like that is various now. The level of evolution in bicycle design and style slowed, or at least shifted directions. The updates from 1 product yr to the subsequent have turned far more refined. Suddenly, bikes from two or 3 yrs ago don’t truly feel as out of date as they utilized to appear to be back… well… back again two or 3 yrs ago. That occurs to be about when I discovered of The Pro’s Closet. If you have not heard of them, The Pro’s Closet is essentially an on line utilized bicycle reseller. I’ll get to my knowledge acquiring and providing a bicycle with them in a minute, but the backstory is just as fascinating.

pros closet bike
Photograph: Courtesy of The Pro’s Closet/Bicycle Magazine

Their story started in 2006, when an ebay-savvy pro mountain biker named Nick Martin started providing off the equipment he’d collected during his career. He then moved on to doing the exact same for his fellow racers, and sooner or later expanded the service to the typical community. But continue to, The Pro’s Closet was based about ebay, which produced his small business look far more like a pastime for a continue to be-at-dwelling dad or mum and a lot less like a growing disruptive force in the substantial-stop bicycle industry. But that is accurately what it’s become.

In late 2015, The Pro’s Closet moved (then continue to in its dwelling town of Boulder, Colorado) from a five,000-foot facility to 1 3 moments the dimensions. It’s continued to grow given that then, and now occupies far more than 10 moments the area it utilized to. By its heritage, they experimented with other sporting activities equipment, but they hit a sweet place in cycling. On the peer-to-peer utilized market place, there is an unhealthy mix of substantial value and lower trust. The purchaser has no redress if anything goes improper, so some decide on to be really picky, some lowball, some don’t invest in at all. And sellers danger leaving funds on the desk with no reliable standard for what utilized bikes are worthy of. The market place was ripe for another person to resolve that.

And soon immediately after that initial enlargement, The Pro’s Closet was exhibiting ample guarantee to safe a $two.6-million expense from enterprise capital agency, Vary Light-weight (now termed Ridgeline Ventures) in 2016. And then a staggering $9 million in 2019 from Ridgeline and Colorado’s The Foundry Group. And most not long ago a $4.five-million expense, also from Ridgeline and Foundry. That all looks absolutely foreign in the bicycle industry, wherever that type of VC expense is not frequent. But the thought guiding The Pro’s Closet has the taste of Airbnb and Uber. It’s extremely current. You could possibly associate it with buzzwords like “the shared economic climate.” Also “recommerce,” which was a new term to me, but it’s the industry that produced my refurbished Iphone 6.

“Recomerce has a great deal of VC and non-public fairness eyes on it, as it’s a total various market place,”  points out Travis Erwin, Main Income Officer at The Pro’s Closet. “And when you assume of millennials and new customers, they are not involved with acquiring utilized. And they are on the lookout for sustainable shops.” Sustainable. Forgot about that 1. Right after all, escalating the lifetime cycle of any product has benefits over and above the customer.

With all that large-scale expense arrived large-scale tactics. Nevertheless they could not get particular, the volume of bikes The Pro’s Closet goes by is staggering, and it needed a entire rethinking of how bicycle retail is processed. The Pro’s Closet is operate according to the philosophy of “lean production,” a faculty of considered created by Toyota. They even brought in industry experts from Toyota to restructure their output line. Evidence of it is all over the place, down to the truth that the repair service stands are on wheels. Apparently, it usually takes a lot less time to roll an overall stand to its subsequent stage than to take in-method bikes in and out of them numerous moments. There are technicians liable for washing, for inspecting, for eliminating, installing and tuning. To me, who has spent half his lifetime operating in a bicycle store, the method appeared a minor soulless. But Erwin does not see it that way. “True technicians are hard to arrive by, specifically these who are skilled to function on $8,000 bikes that we provide. When that technician is opening a box washing a bicycle, it’s offensive to their skillset.” Instead, there is a line of progression, wherever an worker performs their way up to sooner or later doing ultimate tunes.

pros closet bike
Photograph: Courtesy of The Pro’s Closet/Bicycle Magazine

One more ingredient in the method is inspection. Not too long ago, The Pro’s Closet began a “warranty” method wherever they would repair service a carbon frame they bought, no matter of fault, 1 time for no cost in the initial yr. A carbon repair service studio termed Damaged Carbon, local to Boulder, does the repair service. Prior to that method started, Damaged Carbon had extended been consultants in The Pro’s Closet’s carbon-frame inspection method.

Most of the bikes The Pro’s Closet provides in are purchased from riders like you and me, but they also take in bikes from the new retail market place. On the internet stores, for example, can unload unsold stock on The Pro’s Closet. After they are under a particular margin, it’s far more cost-productive to go that route than to provide at a reduction 1-by-1 to the stop user. That suggests some of the bikes in The Pro’s Closet’s stock are really new. They are just aged.

But The Pro’s Closet does have expectations. There is no utmost age restrict, and in truth they typically take on particular vintage bikes for retro potential buyers or just to place in their on-web site museum, but they will refuse bikes that, for no matter what motive, don’t meet up with their specifications. For these on the lookout to provide a bicycle to The Pro’s Closet, there is a method to stick to and numerous choices for receiving paid out, including dollars, trade-in credit score, or “trade-up” credit score at particular stores. That is all stuff you can get straight from their site, so there is no want to cover it all right here. But I will cover what the method is like. I really bought 1 of my bikes to The Pro’s Closet for dollars this past Might. And immediately after that was sorted, I had them established me up with a keep credit score so I could really “buy” 1, which I then immediately returned. Keep in brain, I was not capable to do possibly anonymously, and I might have gotten a purple-carpet treatment method inspite of specially inquiring for a frequent-carpet treatment method. But the nuts and bolts are the exact same, so here’s what you can anticipate.

Offering My Bicycle

I was providing a initial-technology Evil Subsequent with a Pike fork and an X01 Eagle drivetrain. A excellent set up, but it was not excellent. I’d set up some two-technology-aged XT brakes when my SRAM Guides went bad but hardly ever improved the SRAM rotors. The hubs had been non-enhance, the SRAM cranks had been aged standard GXP and the change housing was because of for a substitute. I place on some fresh new tires I had laying about, but other than that and a extensive wipe-down, it was in the exact same shape it was the previous time I rode it. Submitting a bicycle for an supply includes getting a several pics, inputting a serial selection and supplying them a drivers’ license to make sure everything’s on the up and up. After that was all finished, I got 1 of these computerized affirmation e-mails that is impersonal but comforting. I predicted an response the subsequent day, but it arrived that afternoon. That got me suspicious that I was receiving speedy-tracked, but apparently, the submissions are usually answered inside of 24 several hours.

The amount I was provided is irrelevant, due to the fact there are considerably as well quite a few variables for anybody to decide whether or not it’s far more or a lot less generous than the supply they got or will get. But I know you are wondering, so I was provided $two,206.85 in trade-in credit score, $two,014.ninety five in trade-up credit score or $one,919.00 in dollars by means of PayPal. Of program, I could have gotten far more if I bought it on my own. We all know that. But for a 5-yr-aged bicycle, the initial dilemma is how significantly far more. And the subsequent dilemma is whether or not it’s worthy of it. When I bought my Subsequent, I had no electronic mail conversations and no additional negotiations. No conference in individual and no haggling. That determine was funds in the bank, and it happened to be just about what I desired to get. The minimal I desired to get, but continue to. So, I went for it, which is when I understood a different advantage I’d disregarded. The supply arrived with a shipping and delivery label. It’s technically factored into the supply amount, but that is not how I perceived it. I perceived it as an added $a hundred in my pocket and ten important minutes not spent on FedEx.com, though you do want to take your time boxing it.

pros closet bike
Photograph: Courtesy of The Pro’s Closet/Bicycle Magazine

It got to them 4 days immediately after I recognized the supply, and the funds was in my PayPal account two days immediately after that. The Pro’s Closet guarantees that, in the case of dollars reimbursement, “Payment will be issued inside of 3 small business days of item arrival and inspection.” I didn’t get an electronic mail notifying me that it arrived, but I had the tracking information to do that. I sooner or later heard from them notifying me the bicycle handed inspection and the dollars was in my Paypal account, but it would be a fantastic plan to continue to keep monitor of shipping and delivery information so you at least know when the bicycle comes. How extended it usually takes to examine is type of up to them, but e-mails had been responded to speedily, and the 1 time I termed the aid line, I arrived at a individual.

Truth of the matter is, the total transaction was very… well… transactional. There was no smalltalk and no link. I didn’t get to chat with the purchaser about my Profile hubs or my kooky saddle place or ask them about bikes they’ve had ahead of they bought mine. But genuinely, I didn’t want to. The formality of every little thing was the most effective component. It goes back again to that trust difficulty in regular utilized-bicycle gross sales. Neither of us desired to “go with our gut” ahead of handing over bicycle or funds. It’s not like that. It kinda just occurs.

Obtaining “My” Bicycle

There is a lot less to the acquiring method than the providing method. The purchaser pays shipping and delivery, and any applicable gross sales tax. That of program is a advantage to acquiring peer-to-peer, which can be finished without having to pay tax. But of program we technically are supposed to and, of program, we generally do. But it occurs immediately on The Pro’s Closet. It performs just like acquiring everything else you would on line, apart from returns are only fantastic for keep credit score. For the initial thirty days, a return will web you the total acquire value not including shipping and delivery. Past that, there is a sliding-scale “buyback method.”

The true difficult component, though, is getting the appropriate bicycle. The Pro’s Closet’s catalog is vast, but not when you consider that the different is each single other utilized bicycle in each single other existing channel. The far more particular your requires, the more time you are likely have to wait around until eventually you meet up with them. It was uncomplicated for me due to the fact I just arrived right here for analysis, but I continue to took my time finding a bicycle that suited this story. And for some potential buyers, I could see that as getting component of the enjoyment. It was like participating in the lottery each time I checked back again. There is a “coming soon” portion on the web site that, as soon as I’d fatigued the listing of bikes in open up stock, I could sift by to see what’s new and ask it to notify me when that bicycle turned readily available. But some of these bikes have as quite a few as 150 individuals waiting for that notification. I assume it’s preferable to the dance needed when acquiring from a stranger, but it’s a reminder that beneath the unbelievably polished user interface, it’s continue to initial-arrive initial-serve.

The bicycle I finished up “buying” was a 2019 Changeover Sentinel Carbon GX. I paid out $3284.ninety nine, in addition $94.ninety nine and $312 in gross sales tax. That bicycle new went for $five,000. A great deal like the value I was specified for my Evil, that is an acceptable value as extended as you consider the stress you are conserving. You would likely discover the exact same bicycle for more affordable on the personal market place. But this is wherever The Pro’s Closet leans into the phrase “certified pre-owned,” which actually is a little bit of a advertising and marketing phrase. These bikes are not certified by a third celebration or by the maker by itself. They are certified by The Pro’s closet which, yeah, I would kinda hope they are. What’s important is that this specific bicycle was in genuinely fantastic shape when I got it.

pros closet bike
Photograph: Courtesy of The Pro’s Closet/Bicycle Magazine

To start with, the tires had been new. So was the chain and the rear brake pads. The front pads looked utilized, but could possibly as very well have been new. And although it’s decided case by case, that is standard method. Sometimes, bikes arrive in with some of their consumables in brand-new issue, but The Pro’s Closet will adjust these out if they are not. And the bicycle arrived out of the box needing only the front wheel and pedals set up. The bars had been on, restricted, and not in a inadequate ergonomic place. The brakes didn’t rub, the derailleur shifted and the cable was pre-stretched. There was even fresh new grease in the pivot bolts I pulled out. There was extremely minor you could place to that would individual that Sentinel Carbon from the 1 I pulled out of the box at the 2018 BIble of Bicycle Checks. Besides for the nick in the major tube, staring me appropriate in the encounter as soon as I opened the box. And it did not trouble me in the slightest.

To my surprise, I was energized when I was opening that box. Even though I understood I was not maintaining it. Even though It was not even my dimensions. I continue to understood that there, in my hands, was a Changeover Sentinel. A Changeover Sentinel! Under no circumstances brain that a far more modern-on the lookout, sexier new-technology Sentinel just hit the market place. That initial-technology product is continue to far more progressive than quite a few other bikes in its class. What got me energized about opening that box was not how new, shiny and excellent the bicycle inside was. It was about the possible it had. I know firsthand what that bicycle is able of. That is what we’re acquiring when we invest in bikes. It’s not about what they are. It’s about what they can be.

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This article initially appeared on Bikemag.com and was republished with authorization.

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