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Slide show: Aquatic exercises – Mayo Clinic

Aquatic training is a reduced-effects activity that can take the tension off your bones, joints and muscle tissues. Water also gives pure resistance, which can aid strengthen your muscle tissues.

Aquatic training can also have several health and fitness advantages, these types of as improved heart health and fitness, diminished stress, and improved muscular stamina and energy. Working out in the drinking water can be a terrific way to contain actual physical activity into your daily life. It may also be a advantageous way for older adults to stay active. You can even do aquatic training if you do not know how to swim. Aquatic training can also increase joint use and lessen ache if you have osteoarthritis.

You might start out with drinking water strolling. In drinking water that is about waist-superior, stroll throughout the pool swinging your arms as you do when strolling on land. Steer clear of strolling on your tiptoes, and retain your back straight. Tighten your belly muscle tissues to steer clear of leaning much too significantly forward or to the facet.

To improve resistance as your hands and arms go by means of the drinking water, dress in hand webs or other resistance units. Water footwear can aid you preserve traction on the base of the pool.