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Sleep Issues a Long-Term Effect of Concussions

By Robert Preidt
HealthDay Reporter

THURSDAY, March 4, 2021 (HealthDay Information) — Concussions can raise the prolonged-expression risk of a huge vary of sleep ailments, a new analyze signifies.

Scientists looked at extra than ninety eight,seven hundred U.S. veterans diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and the similar selection of veterans with no record of TBI. The brain accidents ranged from gentle TBI (concussion) to critical.

None of the individuals had sleep ailments at the start out of the analyze, but over 14 many years of follow-up, 23% of all those with TBI made sleep ailments, in comparison with sixteen% of all those with no a record of brain injury.

“We discovered that men and women with TBI had an increased risk of sleeplessness, sleep apnea, sleep-associated motion ailments and excessive daytime sleepiness — each individual sleep dysfunction we looked at,” stated analyze creator Dr. Yue Leng, an epidemiologist and sleep researcher at the University of California, San Francisco.

Soon after altering for other sleep-dysfunction risk factors these kinds of as diabetes, tobacco use or substance use dysfunction, the scientists concluded that men and women with TBI were forty% extra very likely to produce a sleep dysfunction than all those with no one particular.


The association was much better for veterans who had concussions than for all those who had average or critical TBIs.

The analyze discovered that eleven% of the veterans with TBI made sleep apnea and twelve% made sleeplessness, in comparison to 8% and seven%, respectively, of all those with no TBI. In sleep apnea, respiration frequently stops and starts off through the night, even though men and women with sleeplessness have trouble falling asleep or keeping asleep.

Obtaining submit-traumatic pressure dysfunction did not raise or reduce the risk of sleep ailments, in accordance to the analyze. The conclusions were posted online March 3 in the journal Neurology.

“Considering that sleep ailments have an effect on people’s good quality of lifetime and their rehabilitation process, it will be crucial to produce methods to establish these ailments early as nicely as protect against them from developing immediately after traumatic brain accidents to boost people’s all round wellness and good quality of lifetime,” Leng stated in a journal news release.

Much more function is wanted to understand the hyperlink between distinct severity of TBI and advancement of sleep ailments, she famous.


“The much better association for men and women with gentle TBI could be thanks to the distinct brain injury system for all those accidents,” Leng stated.

For instance, gentle TBI generally includes repetitive concussive accidents or acceleration or deceleration accidents causing extra diffuse injury and swelling, she stated. On the other hand, average or critical TBIs are generally thanks to a immediate blow to the head with extra concentrated but critical injury.

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Source: Neurology, news release, March 3, 2021