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Severe COVID-19 – discharge: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

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The moment at household, your wellbeing treatment vendors will continue to get the job done with you to support your recovery.

You will possible still have signs or symptoms of COVID-19 even right after you go away the healthcare facility.

  • You may perhaps want to use oxygen at household as you recuperate.
  • You may perhaps still have a cough that slowly but surely gets far better.
  • You may perhaps have kidneys that have not recovered completely.
  • You may perhaps get drained easily and sleep a large amount.
  • You may perhaps not come to feel like having. You may perhaps not be ready to style and odor food items.
  • You may perhaps come to feel mentally foggy or have memory loss.
  • You may perhaps come to feel anxious or frustrated.
  • You may perhaps have other bothersome signs or symptoms, this kind of as headache, diarrhea, joint or muscle ache, coronary heart palpitations, and trouble sleeping.

Recovery may perhaps choose weeks or even months. Some folks will have ongoing signs or symptoms.

Be sure to adhere to your provider’s guidance for self-treatment at household. They may perhaps incorporate some of the adhering to recommendations.


Your supplier may perhaps prescribe medicines to support in your recovery, this kind of as antibiotics or blood thinners. Be sure to choose your medication as recommended. Do not skip any doses.

DO NOT choose cough or cold medicines until your physician says it is Ok. Coughing aids your human body get rid of mucus from your lungs.

Your supplier will tell you if it is Ok to use acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) for ache. If these medicines are Ok to use, your supplier will tell you how substantially to choose and how often to choose them.


Your physician may perhaps prescribe oxygen for you to use at household. Oxygen aids you breathe far better.

  • Hardly ever modify how substantially oxygen is flowing without inquiring your physician.
  • Generally have a back-up source of oxygen at household or with you when you go out.
  • Preserve the cellphone variety of your oxygen supplier with you at all instances.
  • Master how to use oxygen securely at household.
  • Hardly ever smoke close to an oxygen tank.

If you smoke, now is the time to stop. Do not enable smoking in your household.

Respiratory Workouts

Carrying out respiratory workouts each individual day may perhaps be vital to support fortify the muscle tissues you use to breathe and support open up your airways. Your supplier may perhaps give you guidance on how to do respiratory workouts. This may perhaps incorporate:

Incentive spirometry – You may perhaps be despatched household with a spirometer to use numerous instances a day. This is a hand-held distinct plastic device with a respiratory tube and a movable gauge. You choose extended, sustained breaths to keep the gauge at the degree your supplier specified.

Rhythmic inhalation and coughing – Breathe deeply numerous instances and then cough. This may perhaps support bring up mucus from your lungs.

Chest tapping – Although lying down, faucet your upper body carefully a several instances a day. This may perhaps support bring up mucus from the lungs.

You may perhaps obtain that these workouts are not quick to do, but doing them each individual day may perhaps support you recuperate your lung operate more immediately.


Lingering COVID-19 signs or symptoms which includes loss of style and odor, nausea, or tiredness can make it really hard to want to take in. Feeding on a healthful diet program is vital for your recovery. These recommendations may perhaps support:

  • Attempt to take in healthful foodstuff you appreciate most of the time. Take in at any time you come to feel like having, not just at mealtime.
  • Contain a variety of fruits, greens, entire grains, dairy, and protein foodstuff. Contain a protein food items with each individual meal (tofu, beans, legumes, cheese, fish, poultry, or lean meats)
  • Attempt adding herbs, spices, onion, garlic, ginger, sizzling sauce or spice, mustard, vinegar, pickles, and other strong flavors to support raise satisfaction.
  • Attempt foodstuff with unique textures and temperatures to see what is more desirable.
  • Take in smaller sized foods more often all over the day.
  • If you want to acquire pounds, your supplier may perhaps recommend adding entire-fat yogurt, cheese, product, butter, powdered milk, oils, nuts and nut butters, honey, syrups, jams, and other high-calorie foodstuff to foods to increase more calories.
  • For treats, test milkshakes or smoothies, fruit and fruit juices, and other nutritious foodstuff.
  • Your supplier also may perhaps recommend a nourishment or vitamin nutritional supplement to support guarantee you get all the nutrition you want.

Currently being brief of breath can also make it more challenging to take in. To make it less complicated:

  • Take in smaller sized portions more often all over the day.
  • East softer foodstuff that you can easily chew and swallow.
  • Do not rush your foods. Consider smaller bites and breathe as you want to in involving bites.

Consume a lot of liquids, as extended as your supplier says it is Ok. Just don’t fill up on liquids right before or in the course of your foods.

  • Consume h2o, juice, or weak tea.
  • Consume at least 6 to ten cups (1.5 to 2.5 liters) a day.
  • Do not consume liquor.


Even even though you don’t have a large amount of energy, it really is vital to shift your human body each individual day. This will support you regain your toughness.

  • Observe your provider’s recommendation for exercise.
  • You may perhaps obtain it less complicated to breathe lying on your belly with a pillow beneath your upper body.
  • Attempt to modify and shift positions all over the day, and sit upright as substantially as you.
  • Attempt going for walks all over your household for brief durations each individual day. Attempt to do 5 minutes, 5 instances a day. Gradually build up each individual 7 days.
  • If you are presented a pulse oximeter, use it to check your coronary heart fee and oxygen degree. End and relaxation if your oxygen goes way too low.

Mental Well being

It is prevalent for folks who have been hospitalized with COVID-19 to working experience a selection of thoughts, which includes nervousness, melancholy, disappointment, isolation, and anger. Some folks working experience write-up-traumatic worry disorder (PSTD) as a final result.

A lot of of the factors you do to support with your recovery, this kind of as a healthful diet program, standard exercise, and enough sleep, will also support you keep a more beneficial outlook.

You can support minimize worry by training leisure procedures this kind of as:

Steer clear of mental isolation by achieving out to folks you trust by cellphone calls, social media, or video calls. Chat about your working experience and how you are feeling.

Call your wellbeing treatment supplier suitable absent if inner thoughts of disappointment, nervousness, or melancholy:

  • Have an impact on your capacity to support on your own recuperate
  • Make it really hard to sleep
  • Come to feel too much to handle
  • Make you come to feel like hurting on your own
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