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Oldest Known Whiskey in Existence Could Fetch $40,000 at Auction

Next thirty day period will see an outstanding auction take spot of a bourbon possibly as old as the United States itself—and the oldest recognised whiskey in existence. Commencing June 22, auction facilitator Skinner Inc. will start accepting bids on a bottle of Previous Ingledew Whiskey that could fetch tens of countless numbers of dollars.



The whiskey, which was bottled in LaGrange, Ga, sometime concerning 1762 and 1802 is maybe from the American Revolution, or the Whiskey Insurrection in the 1790s. It’s not like anything that’s circulated since the starting of the bourbon growth.

Oh, and enjoyable reality: Technically, this would by no means legally be named bourbon—it was designed as significantly as two hundred yrs in advance of the 1964 congressional Bourbon resolution.

You’re possibly thinking how they know how old it is. Perfectly, they have two statements. 1st, here’s the oral heritage of this uncommon bottle of Previous Ingledew Whiskey, according to the entrepreneurs: The “bourbon” began its recognised journey as a result of time when initially purchased by financier John Pierpoint Morgan “where it was bottled by Evans & Ragland, grocers and merchants, in La Grange.” This happened sometime just after the Civil War, according to expert Joseph Hyman of Skinner Fantastic Spirits.

The whiskey then passed to his son, who gifted the bottle to James Byrnes of South Carolina (and also sent a person bottle to Morgan’s distant cousin Franklin D. Roosevelt and an additional to Harry S. Truman for Xmas, concerning 1942 and 1944.

Byrnes, who’d been a congressman, senator, and Supreme Court docket justice in advance of WWII, had develop into director of war mobilization beneath Roosevelt, and was appointed secretary of state beneath Truman. Byrnes then returned to South Carolina, in which he was governor.

During that time, he gifted the bottle to a guy named Francis Drake, whose relatives safeguarded the bottle for 3 generations (evidently, it’s a scotch domestic).There’s a bit of uncertainty around what the whiskey did for the initially decades of its everyday living just after distillation in the 1760s.

How did they validate all of this? Perfectly, whiskey authentication is a intricate company, and short of hundreds of yrs of wearisome recordkeeping, there’s definitely no paper trail for anything like this.

So Hyman turned to chemistry. Carbon fourteen dating, which is an efficient approach for pinpointing the estimated age of carbon-centered supplies (which whiskey is, in element), was utilized by the College of Ga. They indicated the whiskey was probable bottled around 250 yrs ago.

It was subsequently evaluated and decided to be accurate in just an 81.one percent likelihood by the College of Glasgow.

The outstanding pedigree and heritage of this bottle are probable to fetch bids concerning $20,000 and $forty,000, according to Skinner, though specified existing bourbon prices already remaining a tenth of that in advance of just after-market place worth is additional, that would look like a steal. The authentic consequence could extremely very easily strike six figures if the proper people are in the (virtual) area.

If you want to take part (or just check out the figures go whizzing up), the auction begins June 22 and operates as a result of June thirty. Learn more right here.

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