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Nearsightedness (Myopia) (for Parents) – Nemours KidsHealth

What Is Nearsightedness?

Nearsightedness (myopia) is a eyesight trouble that tends to make it really hard to see distant objects plainly.

What Are the Symptoms & Symptoms of Nearsightedness?

Young children with nearsightedness may perhaps:

  • have blurred eyesight when looking at issues that are not near to them
  • keep textbooks, toys, or other objects closer to their face than typical
  • squint their eyes or blink a lot
  • have issues reading through terms on a chalkboard at faculty

What Brings about Nearsightedness?

Nearsightedness takes place when gentle that enters the eye focuses in entrance of the retina in its place of instantly on it. This generates blurry eyesight in the length.

It takes place far more frequently in faculty-age children, especially preteens and teens. Nearsightedness can operate in people.

How Is Nearsightedness Diagnosed?

An eye medical professional can tell if your youngster is nearsighted. They will do a plan test that commonly contains:

  • asking about indications
  • taking a family members health-related history
  • making use of dilating eye drops to completely open the pupils
  • inspecting the eyes

How Is Nearsightedness Addressed?

The eye medical professional will prescribe glasses or make contact with lenses to help your youngster see plainly.

How Can Mother and father Aid?

To help consider care of your child’s eyes:

  • Get eyeglasses (or make contact with lenses if advisable). Let your youngster help select the frames. Plastic frames and polycarbonate lenses are very best for younger children.
  • Aid with make contact with lenses. If your youngster is aged ample and the eye medical professional thinks contacts are a fantastic selection, help your youngster adhere to all directions on donning and cleaning them.
  • Go to adhere to-up visits with the eye medical professional.
  • Communicate with your medical professional about myopia control. New procedure selections can help slow the progression of myopia in young children.
  • Call the medical professional if your youngster has new indications, including:
    • problems or eye pain
    • blurry eyesight when donning glasses or contacts
    • observing flashing lights or floating places
    • any loss of eyesight
  • If your youngster wears contacts, connect with the medical professional for indications these types of as:
    • eye pain or redness
    • significant sensitivity to gentle
    • itchy or dry eyes that do not get much better with eye drops

Day reviewed: November 2020