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Mindful Eating – Too Busy to Diet

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Mindful Eating

in The Too Busy to Diet Blog on June 9, 2022

Mindful Eating is a technique that is being used by many dietitians to help individuals gain control over eating habits. It helps treat emotional eating triggers and external eating that occurs in response to the sight or smell of food.

Mindful eating teaches you skills to deal with eating impulses. It places you in control of your food responses rather than allowing you to succumb to your food instincts.

Mindful Eating has 6 categories:

  1. Observe

Notice your body.( Rumbling stomach, low energy, stressed out, satisfied, full, empty etc.

Being fully present. Turn off the television, put away your book or newspaper. Sit down. Focus on eating and nothing else. Stop multitasking. Designate a spot just for eating and no other activities.

Notice the texture, aroma, and flavor of your food. Is it crunchy, sweet, salty, smooth, or spicy?

Speak mindfully and compassionately. Notice when “should”, rigid rules or guilt pop into your mind.

Tasting your food versus mindless eating. Take your time and slow down your eating.

  • Make your eating atmosphere pleasant. Use dishes and utensils you enjoy.  If you come home stressed or upset, allow yourself some time to decompress and feel better before eating. 

Use your 5 senses to increase your enjoyment and satisfaction of your food. This contributes to a sensual, satisfying food experience.


Pick a pleasant eating environment 

Eat on an attractive eating surface

Choose utensils, plates etc. that you enjoy

Place your food attractively on the plate


Listen to the sound of cooking

Be aware of conversation

Avoid unpleasant discussions during mealtimes

Listen to pleasant background music


Pay attention to the smell of food while being cooked and before you eat

Appreciate the smell of the seasonings and the food once it is on the plate


Touch the texture of the table where the food is served

Detect the feeling of the utensils, napkins, and plates

Be aware of the textures of the food

Notice the temperature of the foods


Chew your food thoughtfully

Analyze the flavors of the food

Eat your food slowly and be aware of the food served

Try one food at a time and appreciate the flavors of each food

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