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Immunofixation (IFE) Blood Test: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

What is an immunofixation (IFE) blood examination?

An immunofixation blood examination, also identified as protein electrophoresis, actions specified proteins in the blood. Proteins perform several essential roles, such as giving electrical power for the body, rebuilding muscle tissues, and supporting the immune procedure.

There are two key styles of proteins in the blood: albumin and globulin. The examination separates these proteins into subgroups dependent on their measurement and electrical charge. The subgroups are:

  • Albumin
  • Alpha-1 globulin
  • Alpha-two globulin
  • Beta globulin
  • Gamma globulin

Measuring the proteins in each and every subgroup can support diagnose a selection of conditions.

Other names: serum protein electrophoresis, (SPEP), protein electrophoresis, SPE, immunofixation electrophoresis, IFE, serum immunofixation