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How to stop the spread of COVID-19: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

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COVID-19 is an sickness prompted by an infection with the SARS-CoV-two virus. COVID-19 most frequently spreads involving people today within just shut contact (about 6 feet or 1.eight meters). When someone with the sickness coughs, sneezes, sings, talks, or breathes, droplets carrying the virus spray into the air. You can catch the sickness if you breathe in these droplets.

In some situations, COVID-19 may well spread as a result of the air and infect people today who are more than 6 feet absent. Smaller droplets and particles can continue being in the air for minutes to several hours. This is known as airborne transmission, and it can take place in enclosed spaces with lousy air flow. Having said that, it is more frequent for COVID-19 to spread as a result of shut contact.

Much less typically, the sickness can spread if you contact a area with the virus on it, and then contact your eyes, nose, mouth, or face. But this is not thought to be the key way the virus spreads.

The danger of spreading COVID-19 is bigger when you interact carefully with other folks who are not in your house for extended periods of time.

You can spread COVID-19 just before you display signs and symptoms. Some people today with the sickness under no circumstances have signs and symptoms, but can nevertheless spread the ailment. Having said that, there are techniques to secure yourself and other folks from obtaining COVID-19:

  • Usually don a face mask or face address when you will be around other people today. This allows lessen the spread of the virus as a result of the air.
  • Continue to be at the very least 6 feet (1.eight meters) aside from other people today who are not in your house, even if you are sporting a mask.
  • Clean your fingers lots of periods a working day with cleaning soap and working h2o for at the very least twenty seconds. Do this just before having or planning food, after employing the bathroom, and after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose. Use an alcoholic beverages-dependent hand sanitizer (at the very least sixty% alcoholic beverages) if cleaning soap and h2o are not out there.
  • Include your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your fingers) when coughing or sneezing. Droplets that are produced when a particular person sneezes or coughs are infectious. Throw absent the tissue after use.
  • Stay clear of touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed fingers.
  • Do not share personalized things this kind of as cups, having utensils, towels, or bedding. Clean something you have made use of in cleaning soap and h2o.
  • Clean up all “large-contact” spots in the home, this kind of as doorknobs, lavatory and kitchen area fixtures, bathrooms, phones, tablets, counters, and other surfaces. Use a house cleansing spray and observe guidance for use.
  • Know the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. If you create any signs and symptoms, connect with your health and fitness care service provider.

SOCIAL (OR Actual physical) DISTANCING

To aid reduce the spread of COVID-19 within just the local community, you should really exercise social distancing, also known as actual physical distancing. This applies to people today of all ages, including youthful people today, adolescents, and youngsters. Although anybody can get unwell, not everybody has the similar danger of major sickness from COVID-19. More mature people today and people today with current health and fitness circumstances this kind of as coronary heart ailment, diabetes, obesity, most cancers, or lung ailment have a bigger danger of producing severe sickness.

All people can aid gradual the spread of COVID-19 and aid secure those people who are most susceptible. These ideas can aid you and other folks stay risk-free:

  • Look at the public health and fitness section web page for details on COVID-19 in your area and observe regional tips.
  • Anytime you go out of the residence, often don a face mask and exercise social distancing.
  • Hold journeys outside your home for necessities only. Use shipping and delivery products and services or curbside decide up when feasible.
  • Every time feasible, if you need to use public transportation or rideshares, keep away from touching surfaces, stay 6 feet from other folks, boost circulation by opening home windows (if you can), and wash your fingers or use hand sanitizer after your experience finishes.
  • Stay clear of inadequately ventilated indoor spaces. If you need to be inside with other folks not in the similar house, open home windows to aid carry in outside air. Investing time outdoors or in effectively-ventilated spaces can aid lessen your exposure to respiratory droplets.

Although you must continue being bodily aside from other folks, you never have to be socially isolated if you choose safer routines.

  • Attain out to mates and household through mobile phone or video clip chats. Timetable virtual social visits typically. Accomplishing so can aid remind you that we are all in this alongside one another, and you are not by itself.
  • Take a look at with mates or household in smaller teams outside. Be confident to stay at the very least 6 feet aside at all periods, and don a mask if you need to be nearer than 6 feet even for a limited time or if you need to go indoors. Arrange tables and chairs to allow for for social distancing.
  • When greeting a person yet another, never hug, shake fingers, or even bump elbows as this delivers you in shut contact.
  • If sharing food, have a person particular person do all the serving, or have different serving utensils for just about every visitor. Or have visitors carry their personal food and drinks.
  • It is nevertheless safest to keep away from crowded public locations and mass gatherings, this kind of as browsing centers, motion picture theaters, places to eat, bars, live performance halls, conferences, and sports stadiums. If feasible, it is also safer to keep away from public transportation.


If you have COVID-19 or have signs and symptoms of it, you must isolate yourself at home and keep away from contact with other people today, both inside and outside your home, to keep away from spreading the sickness. This is known as home isolation (also recognised as “self-quarantine”).

  • As considerably as feasible, stay in a distinct space and absent from other folks in your home. Use a different lavatory if you can. Do not go away your home except to get clinical care.
  • Do not travel though unwell. Do not use public transportation or taxis.
  • Hold track of your signs and symptoms. You may well obtain guidance on how to check and report your signs and symptoms.
  • Use a face mask or fabric face address when you see your health and fitness care service provider and anytime other people today are in the similar space with you. If you cannot don a mask, for case in point, owing to breathing challenges, people today in your home should really don a mask if they need to be in the similar space with you.
  • Although exceptional, there have been instances of people today spreading COVID-19 to animals. For this reason, if you have COVID-19, it can be finest to keep away from contact with pets or other animals.
  • Abide by the similar hygiene procedures everybody should really observe: address coughs and sneezes, wash your fingers, never contact your face, never share personalized things, and cleanse large-contact spots in the home.

You should really continue being at home, keep away from contact with people today, and observe the assistance of your service provider and regional health and fitness section about when to end home isolation.

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