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How do I get rid of intolerable neck pain?

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Are you suffering from excruciating neck pain? If your answer is yes, it’s high time to take immediate action as you may be suffering from an underlying serious disease. There are a number of neck pain causes and getting rid of them demands care and attention. Injuries or poor posture are a few common reasons for your neck pain. Middle-aged people go through neck pain the most. Besides, people who work at the office continuously are prone to neck pain. It is one of the symptoms of a heart attack that comes up with sweating, shortness of breath, etc. If this is affecting you for a long time, visit a doctor soon. Some of the neck pain causes we have seen are listed here:

  • Not maintaining the right posture while sleeping or sitting.
  • Being in the same position on a chair for hours.
  • Always keeping your head in the bent position towards the right or left 
  • The rare situation is an injury in an accident, sports, etc.
  • Whiplashing is also a bad thing for your neck.
  • Meningitis is a state when inflammation occurs in a thin tissue located around the brain and spinal cord.
  • Tumors, infection, spinal cancer, all these are the reasons behind pain in the neck. Urgent treatment is important as soon as possible.
  • Other possible neck pain causes include Discogenic pain, Degenerative conditions, thoracic outlet syndrome.

Symptoms such as stiffness in the neck and finding it difficult to move, soreness in the large area of a neck, these things cause ultimate discomfort. Taking care of self for more than one or two weeks will cure the pain but doctors can perform tests to know the exact cause. Meet a physical therapist to know possible neck exercises. Do not assume anything without getting the tests done. The proper treatment will only start after tests. For temporary, you can take painkillers, do exercise, massage the area, or ask a therapist to do it for you. Sleep well and relax as much as you can. It’s ok to get a short break from work and responsibilities for a while. The exercises you can do are:

  • Do neck stretching by pushing your chin in the forward direction. Hold your neck muscles for 5 seconds but keep them tensed.
  • Move your head to one side and continue this for five but make sure to keep the height of chin the same while moving it in a direction.
  • Do not be lazy and stay active as much as possible but in a limit

Icing the area around the neck can help in acute and subacute neck pain but there is a possibility of swelling. You will get relief from intolerable neck pain but this might not be enough. Sometimes, encountering neck pain requires medical assistance. Millions of people trust Moov and it’s the perfect ointment to apply on neck pain. Regardless of the number of days you are suffering from neck pain, it will eliminate that within a few minutes. Even though this may sound unbelievable but it is true for anyone.