December 8, 2022

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High-Frequency Fat Loss – What I Learned in Lockdown

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As I arrived to phrases with the realities of currently being in lockdown I desired to appear up with strategies to enable my shoppers hold relocating in the direction of their objectives. I made a decision to take the time at property as an option to lose some system excess fat.


Certainly reasonable nutritional decisions had been going to be essential to this, but with my common bodily activity substantially lowered (which is what comes about when you trade eight hrs a day on the fitness center ground for sitting down in front of your laptop), I desired to be clever about my teaching. 1 of the important resources I employed for that is substantial-frequency weighted cardio.



To be ready to take a substantial-frequency solution to any teaching process you need to have to be ready to get better promptly. When it will come to substantial-frequency teaching, substantial levels of muscle damage and currently being sore for days are community enemy variety just one!


There is just one often neglected teaching process that triggers pretty much zero muscle damage, but delivers a highly effective teaching stimulus. And that is the process I will employed to lean down throughout lockdown. So, here’s how I progressed on my lockdown plan.


Concentric-Only Education

There are two principal phases of muscle contraction throughout resistance teaching:


  1. Concentric Muscle Education
  2. Eccentric Muscle Education


The concentric section is when a muscle shortens less than rigidity. You can consider of this as the lifting section. The eccentric is when the muscle lengthens less than rigidity. This is the reducing section.


The eccentric section is where by most of the muscle damage occurs. Eliminating the eccentric phases signifies you can cut down the worry, muscle damage, and breakdown that occurs with common teaching.


I would not advise excluding all eccentric teaching variety your plan indefinitely as the eccentric portion of the raise does carry quite a few advantages and is a important piece of the sizing and energy puzzle. On the other hand, tactically eliminating the eccentric section from sure features of your teaching can have highly effective advantages.


Concentric-only teaching produces the potential for:


  1. Increased teaching frequency
  2. Extra quantity



These are the two extremely helpful when it will come to excess fat loss. Even much better, a 2017 research (Stock et al., 2017) showed that concentric-only energy teaching (involving small muscle damage) made hypertrophy in just 3 – 4 weeks. So, concentric teaching can enable you get lean and achieve (or least protect) muscle mass.


Investigate demonstrates that concentric-only teaching provides substantially larger metabolic needs than eccentric teaching (Kraemer et al., 2001). Appreciably larger VO2 and lactic acid levels are reached with concentric-only teaching. This increased metabolic expense equates to a lot more energy burned.


Improved Recovery with Concentric-Only Education

Concentric-only teaching is extremely well-liked in harm rehab packages. In the early stages of rehab quite a few therapists use substantial frequency concentric-only teaching as the initial-step in strengthening muscle tissue.


Improved restoration from harm is just one benefit of concentric only teaching. Improved restoration amongst classes is also a massive as well as of concentric only operate.


Stimulating blood stream to the working muscle tissue increases the restoration time from just one large session to the up coming. This is why concentric only teaching is these kinds of a terrific addition to your regular workouts.


Reward Education Not Overtraining

Concentric-only teaching signifies you can do “extra” or “bonus” teaching with a substantially decrease danger of overtraining. Concentric only operate allows you to get a teaching stimulus devoid of the mechanical or neurological tiredness that regular teaching triggers. Therefore, you can do a lot more teaching with small danger of it interfering with your common lifting classes.


The a lot more you can teach devoid of exceeding your potential to get better the much better your effects. The truth that concentric teaching provides you the ability to raise your workload devoid of exceeding your restoration potential is a huge reward when it will come to winning the system excess fat struggle!


Powerlifters, Concentric Lifts and Conditioning

Westside Barbell popularised concentric-only teaching with the use of sleds for conditioning operate. Pushing and pulling a sled is an incredibly successful excess fat burning work out. I have employed it in the packages of a great number of shoppers to terrific impact. It’s just one of the ideal techniques to maximise excess fat loss though minimising muscle loss.


Not like common cardio, sled operate includes relatively substantial levels of resistance. This resistance signals the system to hold hold of muscle. As a result, you do not waste absent to wanting like a marathon runner when undertaking weighted electrical power procedure operate.


Concentric-Only Education at Home

Sadly, I do not have a sled or sufficient outdoor room to use just one. Residing in central London signifies room is at a real high quality. What I do have is six flights of stairs in my condominium block and these are what I’m utilizing to get the same advantages of sled operate.


Listed here is how:


  • I load my again pack up with guides and dumbbells
  • I wander up the 6 flights of stairs
  • I get in the raise and return to the ground ground
  • I repeat for 5-ten sets


Strolling upstairs is a predominantly a concentric activity. By loading my backpack up with textbooks and dumbbells I am ready to incorporate fifty lbs of external load. Strolling up the stairs is like executing a hundred weighted step-ups.


I get in the raise to go again down because I’m lazy. Certainly, I’m joking, there is actually process to my madness/laziness. Strolling downstairs with fifty lbs of excess weight includes heaps of eccentric operate and triggers plenty of muscle damage.


Strolling up and down stairs would indicate that I would be sore and restoration would take more time. As a result, I would not be ready to do this on a each day basis. Considering that I’m wanting to use this process as my each day cardio getting the raise down is the sensible option.


So, if you have a again pack, something large to place in it and a staircase, you can get shredded though self-isolating.


Now, it appears like there is a sense of normality returning, whilst I consider some persons could nonetheless pick out to work out at property until eventually they sense snug going into a fitness center. Link with my on my Tom MacCormick Instagram account and information me if you need to have some enable.

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