December 7, 2022

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Fluoroscopy: MedlinePlus Medical Test

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Are there any risks to the check?

You ought to not have a fluoroscopy process if you are expecting or feel you may well be expecting. Radiation can be dangerous to an unborn baby.

For other folks, there is tiny risk to obtaining this check. The dose of radiation depends on the process, but fluoroscopy is not viewed as dangerous for most folks. But communicate to your supplier about all the x-rays you’ve had in the past. The risks from radiation publicity may well be connected to the range of x-ray therapies you’ve had in excess of time.

If you will be obtaining contrast dye, there is a little risk of an allergic reaction. Convey to your supplier if you have any allergic reactions, primarily to shellfish or iodine, or if you’ve ever had a reaction to contrast materials.

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