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Escaping From Alcatraz Is an Unresolved Family Endeavor for Triathlete Ronnie Troyn

What is pushing 2,000-moreover athletes from around 50 nations around the world to San Francisco for the fortieth annual Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon (EFAT) on Aug. 15—one of the most one of a kind and grueling swim-bicycle-run races on the professional triathlon tour?



The typical healthy blend of spirit, grit, and dedication with a dollop of straight-up masochism.

But only a single competitor in the crowd (that we know of) has also been curiously drawn to this event—which commences with a cold, recent-churned, one.5-mile swim throughout San Francisco Bay from the well known previous offshore prison—to finish what his suspected Alcatraz inmate ancestor commenced.

“According to my mom and my grandmother, I’m a immediate descendant of Arthur Barker, a convicted legal who tried to escape from Alcatraz back again in the thirties,” says triathlete Ronnie Troyn, who felt a faint familial tug when initial listening to about the race on Instagram. “It just straight away struck me as this amazing challenge—but also a extremely cool prospect to get back again into family members things that I’d heard about and actually did not pay much consideration to when I was young. As a child playing drinking water polo, I had no concept who Arthur Barker was—or even who his mother was.”

Arthur Barker’s mother was notorious, Depression-period criminal offense determine Ma Barker, usually described as the ruthless matriarch of the Barker-Karpis gang (which provided two of her sons) and a single of the most infamous community enemies of her time.

Ronnie Troyn triathlete

Not everyone in the Troyn family members was so keen to revisit this Barker link—which the triathlete admits gets a tiny fuzzy in a family members tree gnarled into a collection of cryptic title improvements. Curiously, appropriate at the best of Troyn’s tree sits Captain James Ketchum, a well known 19th-century Indigenous American main from the Delaware tribe.

“I feel my grandma was constantly humiliated about the Barker conclusion of the family members title and all those flicks out there about her, like Bloody Mama,” says the 46-year-outdated, Southern California-primarily based retired military veteran, who clarifies the relationship to us this way: “According to family members papers handed down to me, my grandmother Elizabeth’s mother Neva Farrington was Arthur Barker’s daughter…and therefore Ma Barker’s granddaughter.”

Troyn did not hope to be talking to Men’s Journal about his suspected ties to Ma Barker (killed in a hail of FBI bullets at an Ocklawaha, Florida, hideout in 1935) or Arthur Barker (killed by Alcatraz guards though making an attempt to escape the jail in 1939) when he took place to mention this genealogical tidbit still in the method of staying fleshed out to race organizers.

“I’ve just produced my initial payment for $16.50 to Ancestry.com,” he laughs. “Now I guess it’s time to do more digging and fill in some info. These family members traces that go back again to the mid-1800s…they can spin you in circles.”

Troyn pushed himself to entire a few qualifying gatherings top up to EFAT—including Ironman Arizona 70.3, which he calls both therapeutic and the second-most exhausting practical experience of his lifetime.

“Iraq was the initial. That is the most fatigued I have at any time been—and the hottest” says Troyn, whose twenty-year army occupation features five deployments after nine/11, like time invested in Kuwait and Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, and Afghanistan. “But I would say a extremely, extremely, extremely close second was executing a half-Ironman.”

How’s Troyn feeling about Sunday’s race in San Francisco—the Alcatraz-to-Marina dip in unique?

“Honestly, man, I’m seeking forward to that swim,” says Troyn, who’s slimmed down from a beefy 230 kilos to a lean, muscled one hundred eighty since moving into the triathlon entire world, and is open up about staying in “a extremely darkish place” after some traumatic and heartbreaking military encounters overseas. “A good deal of my close friends are like, ‘Dude, are not you worried about the sharks and currents that shift at the speed of Michael Phelps?’ I’m like, perfectly I volunteered to go to Iraq and Afghanistan, so not that much.”

Troyn’s race objective is to crack 4 several hours. His serious objective though is just to take it all in—even if it charges him a couple of precious seconds.

“The serious thing is, man—I’m alive. So during my swim, I’m gonna quit in the middle of the bay. I’m just gonna eggbeater and tread drinking water for a tiny little bit. I’m gonna look around in the middle of San Francisco Bay. Who in the entire world gets the prospect to do that? I’m gonna honor that. Hopefully I will not get in anyone’s way.”

Will Arthur Barker cross his mind when Ronnie Troyn makes his personal historic crossing.

“Maybe,” he laughs. “I’m pondering about him a good deal more than I was all of a unexpected. I guess we’ll see.”

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