October 6, 2022

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Don Tran and Kaj Larson Set New Record

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Swimming 5 miles is no small feat, in particular in the ocean. But how about lugging a forty five-pound rock across the ocean ground for 5 miles? Now which is a challenge—and a new history set by U.S. armed service veterans Don Tran and Kaj Larson. The duo concluded the epic task—dubbed the Waimea Rock Operate because it took area in Oahu’s Waimea Bay—to increase recognition for Drive Blue Team, an organization that can help Distinctive Functions vets get involved with maritime conservation attempts. For Larson, a previous Navy SEAL, and Tran, a previous Maritime Raider, the operate put their armed service coaching to the test, and necessary plenty of intense prep perform (much more on that in the video above). Dealing with the changing ailments of the ocean created an currently challenging undertaking even much more hard.

“Once we get out there,” Larson says in the video, “we have a total host of other things we have to offer with: wind, waves, currents, cold, sharks.”



After they arrived at Waimea Bay, Tran, Larson and their crew set up a straightforward course—just a rope held down in the sand—under twelve ft of h2o. The community lifeguards picked out a hefty forty five-pound stone for them to have, and they received to perform ferrying it back again and forth. They used a “freediving buddy system” and took turns carrying the stone. Whilst they had used plenty of time coaching in the pool, they swiftly found out doing work in the ocean is a extremely different ball match.

Waimea Rock Run - Don Tran and Kaj Larson Complete Record-Setting Five Mile Underwater Rock Run
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“In the pool, there is no existing to rip you back again and forth,” explains Tran, “but here you’re generally consistently correcting oneself.”

At the two-hour mark, it turned distinct that they were in for a extremely prolonged day.

“It’s way more challenging than I imagined,” says Larson.

But they pressed on, and following six several hours and 28 minutes, they lastly concluded their task—and set a new history in the system.

The attempt was sponsored by activewear business Ten Thousand as section of its Feats of Strength series, where athletes are trying to break a new globe history every single thirty day period in 2021. Whilst it’s just a single section of the series, Tran and Larson’s attempt was truly anything specific.

“Their substantial armed service coaching, of class, performed a huge role in their capability to stay serene in the deal with of the close to difficult,” says Ten Thousand founder and CEO Keith Nowak. “That mentioned, no issue who you are, a 5 mile underwater rock have is downright superhuman.”

Look at out the video above for an within seem at how they skilled for—and completed—this outstanding new history.

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