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Diagnosis of Interstitial Cystitis | NIDDK

How do health and fitness treatment industry experts diagnose IC?

Overall health care specialists will use your clinical history, a actual physical exam, and lab assessments to diagnose IC.

A overall health care specialist will check with if you have a history of health difficulties connected to IC. He or she will request concerns about your signs or symptoms and other inquiries to support come across the bring about of your bladder troubles.

If you are a girl who has IC symptoms, a well being care experienced could also complete a pelvic test. All through the pelvic test, the health treatment specialist will verify your pelvic flooring muscular tissues to see if any of your unpleasant signs and symptoms are relevant to spasm in your pelvic flooring muscle tissue.

For gentlemen, a health care specialist may perform a electronic rectal test to check for prostate difficulties and to check out your pelvic floor muscle tissue.

Medical doctors diagnose IC primarily based on

What assessments do doctors use to diagnose IC?

A health care qualified may use the following exams to seem inside your urethra and bladder, and may possibly even choose a tissue sample from inside of your bladder. The overall health care specialist will use exams to rule out specific ailments and situations, this kind of as UTI and bladder most cancers. If the test final results are standard and all other illnesses and disorders are ruled out, your health practitioner may possibly diagnose IC.

Urinalysis and urine lifestyle

At the doctor’s place of work, you could be supplied a cup to just take into the rest room. A wellness treatment specialist will give you guidance for amassing urine in the cup. White and pink blood cells and germs in the urine may possibly show a UTI, which can be addressed with an antibiotic.


Doctors may well use cystoscopy to appear inside the urethra and bladder. Physicians use a cystoscope, a tubelike instrument, to glance for bladder ulcers, cancer, swelling, redness, and signs of an infection.

Illustration of cystoscopy. A cross-section shows the cystoscope inserted into the urethra. Fluid flows from a bag through the cystoscope to fill the bladder. The uterus, vagina, anus, and rectum are shown in the cross section.
A medical doctor could conduct a cystoscopy to diagnose interstitial cystitis (IC).