CPAP machines: Ideas for staying away from ten frequent difficulties

CPAP is an essential cure for obstructive rest apnea, but it could be irritating at first. Find out how to stay clear of awkward masks and other frequent CPAP difficulties.

By Mayo Clinic Personnel

Continuous optimistic airway force (CPAP) treatment is a frequent cure for obstructive rest apnea. A CPAP equipment employs a hose linked to a mask or nosepiece to produce consistent and regular air force to assistance you breathe although you rest.

Typical difficulties with CPAP involve a leaky mask, issues slipping asleep, a stuffy nose and a dry mouth.

But if a CPAP mask or equipment isn’t going to get the job done for you, you have other alternatives. And most CPAP masks can be altered to assistance make them much more snug.

Here are ten frequent CPAP difficulties and what you can do about them:

one. The improper dimensions or fashion CPAP mask

Do the job closely with your wellbeing treatment provider and the CPAP provider to make confident you have a CPAP mask that matches adequately. Folks have different facial area shapes, so the suitable mask fashion and dimensions for another person else could not get the job done for you.

  • Try a different mask. A vary of CPAP masks is obtainable. For illustration, some attribute entire facial area masks that go over your mouth and nose, with straps that extend across your forehead and cheeks. These could make some people today truly feel claustrophobic, but they get the job done nicely if you desire to breathe by means of your mouth during rest. They also supply a stable in good shape if you transfer all-around a lot in your rest.

    Other masks attribute nasal pillows that in good shape beneath your nose and straps that go over significantly less of your facial area. These can truly feel significantly less cumbersome.

    Nasal pillows could get the job done nicely if you have on glasses or study with the mask on, since some will not block your eyes as a great deal as entire facial area masks do. On the other hand, this mask fashion could not be an solution if you transfer all-around a lot in your rest or rest on your aspect.

  • Pay awareness to dimensions. Most masks occur in different dimensions. Just since you happen to be a specified dimensions in just one mask isn’t going to necessarily mean you are going to be the identical dimensions in a different. CPAP masks are typically adjustable.

    Inquire your medical professional or CPAP provider to clearly show you how to adjust your mask to get the ideal in good shape. Manufacturer products guidance also can assistance clearly show you how to do this. A adequately fitting mask shouldn’t be awkward or trigger pain.

two. Difficulties obtaining utilised to carrying the CPAP mask

Initial, try carrying just the CPAP mask for limited durations of time although you happen to be awake — for illustration, although looking at Tv. Then try carrying the mask and hose with the equipment turned on during the day although you happen to be awake.

At the time you get utilised to how that feels, commence applying the CPAP equipment each individual time you rest — like during naps. Only applying the CPAP equipment each individual now and then could hold off obtaining utilised to it. Adhere with it for quite a few months or much more to see if your mask and force are suitable for you.

3. Trouble tolerating pressured air

You could be capable to defeat this by applying a equipment with a “ramp” attribute. This location allows you to commence with reduced air force. The equipment then immediately and little by little boosts the air force to your prescribed location as you fall asleep. Your medical professional can adjust its price.

If this attribute isn’t going to assistance, communicate with your medical professional about switching to a equipment that immediately and consistently adjusts the force although you happen to be sleeping. An illustration is a bi-level optimistic airway force (BPAP) equipment that delivers much more force when you breathe in (inhale) and significantly less when you breathe out (exhale).

four. Dry, stuffy nose

Check out to make confident your mask matches nicely. A leaky mask can dry out your nose. If you have to tighten the straps frequently to avert air leakage, the mask does not in good shape adequately.

A CPAP equipment that options a heated humidifier, which attaches to the air force equipment, can assistance. You can adjust the level of humidification. Using a nasal saline spray at bedtime also can assistance simplicity a dry, stuffy nose.

five. Feeling claustrophobic

Exercise applying your mask although you happen to be awake. Initial, just keep it up to your facial area with no any of the other elements. At the time you happen to be snug with that, try carrying the mask with the straps.

Upcoming, try holding the mask with the hooked up hose on your facial area, with no applying the straps. Flip on the CPAP equipment, potentially with the ramp attribute turned on. Upcoming, do this applying the straps too. Lastly, try sleeping with the mask and equipment on.

Rest exercise routines, these kinds of as progressive muscle mass peace, could assistance cut down stress similar to CPAP use.

If you happen to be however feeling claustrophobic, communicate to your medical professional or CPAP provider. It could assistance to get a different dimensions mask or try a different fashion, these kinds of as just one that employs nasal pillows.

six. Leaky mask, skin discomfort or force sores

A leaky or an ill-fitting mask indicates you happen to be not obtaining the entire air force you want, and you could be annoying your skin. The mask can also immediate air into your eyes, causing them to turn out to be dry or teary.

Try altering pads and straps to get a improved in good shape. If the mask matches about your nose, make confident it isn’t going to sit too superior on the bridge of your nose, which can immediate air into your eyes.

You could want to request your CPAP provider to assistance you come across a different dimensions mask, particularly if your weight has altered a lot. Or try a different fashion mask these kinds of as just one that employs nasal pillows. If you produce skin deterioration or sores, these kinds of as on your nose, explain to your medical professional immediately.

seven. Trouble slipping asleep

Carrying the mask by itself for some time during the day could assistance you get utilised to how it feels and make it simpler to fall asleep at night.

Machines with the ramp attribute that little by little and step by step boost the air force to your prescribed force location as you fall asleep could make you much more snug at bedtime.

Next good general rest behavior also is beneficial. Exercising on a regular basis and stay clear of caffeine and alcoholic beverages before bedtime. Try to unwind. For illustration, just take a heat bath before you go to bed. Don’t go to bed right until you happen to be weary.

8. Dry mouth

If you breathe by means of your mouth at night or rest with your mouth open up, some CPAP machines could worsen dry mouth. A chin strap could assistance retain your mouth shut and cut down the air leak if you have on a nasal mask.

A equipment with a entire facial area mask that handles your mouth and nose also could get the job done nicely for you. A CPAP-heated humidifier that attaches to the air force equipment also could assistance.

9. Unintentionally removing the CPAP mask during the night

It is not strange to from time to time wake up to come across that you’ve got taken off the mask in your rest. If you transfer a lot in your rest, you could come across that a entire facial area mask will keep on your facial area improved. You could have taken off your mask although sleeping since you have been awkward. Take into account striving a different variety of mask that could in good shape you improved.

You could be pulling off the mask since your nose is congested. If so, making sure a good mask in good shape and adding a CPAP-heated humidifier could assistance. A chin strap could assistance retain the mask on your facial area.

If this is a constant problem, take into consideration location an alarm for a time during the night so you can look at no matter if the mask is however on. You could progressively established the alarm for later in the night if you come across that you happen to be trying to keep the mask on extended.

ten. Bothersome noise

Most new types of CPAP machines are pretty much silent. But if you come across that your machine’s noise is bothersome, first look at to make confident the machine’s air filter is clear and unblocked. Anything in its way could worsen noise. Inquire your medical professional or CPAP provider how to adequately clear your mask and hose.

If this isn’t going to assistance, have your medical professional or CPAP provider look at the equipment to be certain it’s working adequately. If the equipment is working accurately and the noise however bothers you, try carrying earplugs or applying a white noise seem equipment to mask the noise. Placing the CPAP equipment as much absent from the bed as feasible also could assistance make any equipment noise significantly less obvious. Inquire your medical professional or CPAP provider if excess tubing is obtainable and suitable for your equipment.

Time and tolerance are vital to accomplishment

Using a CPAP equipment can be irritating as you try to get utilised to it, but it’s essential that you stick with it. The cure is necessary to staying away from complications of obstructive rest apnea, these kinds of as coronary heart difficulties and abnormal daytime sleepiness.

Do the job with your medical professional and CPAP provider to be certain the ideal mask in good shape and gadget for you. Typical visits to your rest medical professional are essential and can assistance troubleshoot any difficulties and adjust settings, if necessary. It can just take a although to come across the suitable settings and get utilised to the mask.

With time and tolerance, CPAP can positively have an effect on your top quality of daily life and wellbeing.


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