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Adventure Photography Tips for Better Visual Storytelling

Fredriksson experienced his camera pointed at Hanna Ovin—the skier in the frame—on this individual night when she sliced a two,600-vertical-foot, leading-to-bottom line in entrance of Fredriksson’s lens. The second stuck with the photographer for lots of motives.

“I chose to go with this shot because it’s from the Swedish Lapland—very shut to the place wherever I kicked off my career—and the regular pink light-weight from up there is dreamy,” states Fredriksson. “It’s not skied as well typically. It’s certainly the province in Sweden that is the most stunning and amazing. The mountains, landscape and remoteness it’s really wild. There is so substantially to take a look at. It’s particular for me to share these stories with the relaxation of the earth.”

Mountainview near Kebnekaise in Swedish Lapland, Sweden
Tolpagorni is an legendary mountain obvious from the Kebnekaise Mountain Station. It’s surrounded for as much as the eye can see with deserving climbs for mountaineers and descents for skiers. Mattias Fredriksson

Steeped in darkness all through the doldrums of winter, the Swedish Lapland lights up with spring’s thaw. Prolonged days of sunlight make for marathon days of discovering, ski touring and pictures.

“Getting to do the job with this incredible light-weight is fantastic, but Midnight Sunlight is also exhausting,” states Fredriksson. “The Midnight Sunlight can nearly destroy a journey. You master to manage because you could be out there all the time with so substantially light-weight. You have to be sensible, but at the exact time it’s amazing to have that particular light-weight. A whole lot of photographers reside for that comfortable, epic light-weight and those shades you get up north.”

In addition to earth-renowned light-weight and huge terrain, Sweden gives an infrastructure of Mountain Stations, very affordable huts perched precariously in desire locations, that make touring and discovering the Arctic relatively doable. The Mountain Station is a staple in Swedish alpine culture. Through the summer season, trekkers repeated the modest digs all through a multi-working day hike via pristine nature. In the winter, on the other hand, the huts are significantly less active.